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spkb25 11-25-2004 04:27 PM

with a good oline and dline
you can win a lot of games without spectacluar stars at the rest of your positions. im a firm believer that everything on both sides of the ball starts up front. eveidentally we are not good on either side of the ball as far as our lines go. all along we have heard nothing about this great d line we have. im yet to see that at all. because even if your linebackers are nothing great if your d line is, then your linebackers will still look good. i just dont see our d line doing anything and thats probally why our run d is so bad.

shadowdrinker_x 11-25-2004 04:42 PM

with a good oline and dline
Yeah..I agree..It does start up front...But..It\'s so hard to judge what this team may be capable of...

If you look at the players we have as individuals...they seem to be a very solid defense...they just can\'t seem to put it together,not only on a consistent basis..but just for one whole game..

I think it has to funnel down to Venturi...I guess we may see just how \'\'talented\'\' we really are if they hire a new Coordinator, one thats at least capable of maintaining pressure..and knowing how to counter the opposing offenses\' strengths..While utilizing our own.

Euphoria 11-25-2004 09:10 PM

with a good oline and dline
Well hello, sounds like you just joined us this season. Our lines suck! Have good complementary players to help or back up stud linemen but no stud linemen. With that all said, you have to include Venturi who is so lame and sucks at Defensive coaching period.

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