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BrooksMustGo 11-28-2004 08:58 AM

Interesting Benson tidbit


CZAR'S SCOOP: The word in New Orleans is that owner Tom Benson is going through personnel moves made in the last four years to discover who is responsible for what decision. Benson is looking for accountability. The early indications are that GM Mickey Loomis may be safe from the Benson purge. Loomis, though, isn't considered a personnel man like most general managers.
Well, well, well.
Loomis already put the entire coaching staff and team under the bus in the press before the bye this season. I'm not sure why Benson would want to keep the guy.

But maybe this does mean that Benson wants to see exactly where the problem lies? It really looks like he wants to be surgical in who hits the road. I'd find it unlikely, but possible that Benson is looking for a scapegoat and not have to buy out Haslett's contract.

At this point, it might be a good idea to bring Rita in on the decision making process, sort of hand over the reins to her on how to transition a football team?

At any rate, he seems determined to fix what ails this team.

mutineer10 11-28-2004 09:50 AM

Interesting Benson tidbit
All these conflicting stories are giving me a headache. I feel like I need a beer, and it\'s only 10 AM... :beer2:

I post the article I found about Benson losing interest in the Saints, then BMG finds one saying Benson\'s playing Dragnet. I wonder what the honest truth is?

I obviously hope BMG\'s article is more accurate, and I assume it is, coming from a more reputable source. The season isn\'t even over yet, and some sources already make it seem like next season is falling to pieces. What the hell is going on???

Sorry, my nerves are getting the better of me. Better have another :beer2:

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