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johnnythesaint 11-30-2004 08:21 AM

Hey Coach Haslett!! I'm posting this again
I posted this suggestion last week.......

BUT you didn't listen.

So I'm posting it again,it has merit.

Full speed scrimmage, in the dome, before kick-off.

Run all your gadget plays, crazy blitzes, and the most
improbable "nutso" plays from the back of the playbook.

Get Mike and Rick to scheme 10 plays privately.

Send out our boys, make sure the panthers see all this mayhem, it is important that we get in their head right before kickoff. What have we got to lose?

The season is in disarray, the fans are pissed off, your team's first quarter stats are on their way into the history books.

Maybe this teams season is over, but your career is not, plus it would be nice to be brought to national attention for something other than our futility. C'mon give it a go!!!

If they execute the "crazy" stuff well then you can throw it into the game plan, if not, you haven't shown the Panthers anything, except that the Saints have lost their marbles. Which is a damn sight better than the saints losing their focus, and getting spanked in the early going.

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