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Halo 07-27-2002 12:54 PM

Aaron's holdout
How long do you think Aaron Brooks will holdout and how much will he ask for? Can the Saints sign him to a big deal now- do we have the cap room? :o

JeffMiller 07-27-2002 01:55 PM

Aaron's holdout
It will last as long as it take for the Saints to pay Brooks what he\'s worth.

He\'s a starting NFL quarterback thats won a playoff game.

He\'s worth milllions (ie like Carr and Vick) not $400,000.

Thats the world we live in.

I can\'t blame him, what if he got a neck injury like Kevin Mathis did? His career would be over and saints aren\'t going to give him money after a injury.

In my opinion this is a failure on Loomis\' and Bensen\'s part, how they handel it will tell how the rest of the season will go.

Jeff :casstet:

Drafty01 07-27-2002 03:05 PM

Aaron's holdout
I agree that is the state of the game. It just so happens the economy is in a down period and the owners, especially with that cap tax thing hangin over em, are not in a mood to pay these fancy contract prices anymore. What Loomis and Bentson should do is sit down with the kid (why haven\'t they already done this), and see if they can work it out. :casstet:

boloc999 07-28-2002 12:46 PM

Aaron's holdout
i totally agree with you. the saints management need to get this thing done and in a hurry. we are hurting ourselves within and haven\'t played a single quarter for the 02-03 year.

SaintsFan1967 07-28-2002 01:07 PM

Aaron's holdout
While I agree that AB should be making more money, you have to realize that he signed a contract for 3 years. He should honor that. And the Saints are not going to negotiate with anyone who is not in training camp. And I don\'t blame them. If AB is not happy he should at least make contact with the organization and let them know something. He\'s acting like they don\'t any alternatives and he can do them anyway he likes. This is my opinion is wrong.

saintz08 07-28-2002 03:28 PM

Aaron's holdout
If this is about a new contract with Brooks then he has shown his true colors in a childish manner . He thinks he can hide and pout and the pot of gold will magically appear for him to be happy about .

Leave him alone , If he shows and wants to finish out his current contract , he is the no.2 qb until proving himself capable of leadership and ability . This is not good for the team or the franchise to have a player who acts in such a fashion .

This is in no way a reflection of the management or the ownership , he is under contract and has a full year left on it . I am sure the ownership would like to see what they are buying with a huge contract , evaluate the progression of skills and judgement before having to make room under the cap for a contract he feels comfortable with .He is proving for him it is not about the love of the game but the love of the money . This is not the way a leader of a team handles things .

Too those who say , the ownership should have given him a big contract before now , I say based on what ?? He is hot and cold and an unproven player , with questionable leadership skills that his position demands . All he is doing is proving them right for not approaching him with a larger contract .

Consider Tom Brady in New England , all he did was replace a proven all-pro Quarterback named Drew Bledsoe and win the Super Bowl . His current contract amount is $400,000 and he is in camp preparing to defend the title of Super Bowl Champion .

Seems to be quite a difference in what it takes to lead a team to the Super Bowl and what it takes to lead a team to a 7 and 9 losing season , some players have the desire to finish what they started ...

yaegger 07-28-2002 04:43 PM

Aaron's holdout
I totally agree with saintz08. He signed the contract so he should honor it. If he wanted more then he should have contacted someone about it.

BTW, why should he be worth millions? He\'s less than .500 as a starter. Like saintz08 said, Brady won the SB yet he\'s in training camp making less than millions. Is brooks worth more than brady?......NOT

SaintsFan1967 07-28-2002 05:10 PM

Aaron's holdout
I totally agree with saints08 and personally I think AB is another Rannall Cunningham. And we all know what he did in the NFL. The Eagles thought he was going to take them to the big dance. But he was too inconsistent, and couldn\'t handle pressure situations. A lot of blown plays and INT\'s. Remind you of someone else? But at least he didn\'t smile and laugh about his mistakes like AB did last year. :casstet:

kajun 07-29-2002 11:20 AM

Aaron's holdout
Although I also agree the Saints should step up, I do have news:
KFFL and Yahoo are both reporting the return of AB and signing of Stallworth.

Saint2 07-29-2002 01:56 PM

Aaron's holdout
I agree Saintz08, He better knock that smerk off his face (reported that he didn\'t look very happy) or Jake will. If he wants a raise do what it takes and perform like you diserve one. Otherwise Jake may be taking your place.

[Edited on 29/7/2002 by Saint2]

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