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RDOX 12-09-2004 02:30 PM

Right on the Money!!!!!


Loomis does NOT pick players... scouts scout them, report to the Dir or personnel, who reports findings to the coach, who then present findings to GM so GM can go and get that guy... Don\'t go pinning Sullivan, Cie Grant, Stichcomb, et al on
Director of Player Personnel? The King Scout?
Rick Meuller.
You do have a point.

Of course the GM is the guy who hires/fires the DPP.
Tobias, Saints Who & Danno! Unfortunately, I believe we are all right in this discussion. The problems here are how much poo poo to smear on each particular player in the Administration Game. Saints is probably the most correct in saying that 3/4\'s of the turd goes to Uncle Tom (AutoPlex) Benson. The rest goes to the Front office, scouts, coaches, coordinators, water boys, etc.

I have never said that Hazlett is \"blameless\" in this mess!! What I have said is that he is the \"Lightning Rod\" who catches all of the disdain that we as disappointed fans heap on him. Again, I\'m not saying that he\'s not a fault for his part (and that\'s a lot) but we do not know what or who is honestly pulling all of the strings. I tend to suspect that FieldCow has a lot more to do with the \"sickness\" of this organization than we\'ll ever know. Remember, FieldCow sold cars for Uncle Tom. Uncle Tom don\'t know football, but he didn\'t get where he is selling lollipops at the corner of Camp and Julia, by any stretch. Also, he tends to trust the people that he inherently knows. Who is that? Other car salesmen.

It is my contention that LoomBoom is a yes man for FieldCow. FieldCow doesn\'t know football, but he does know money. LoomBoon has put other yes men into the organization from Baby Mule on down that follow the money. Why else would LoomBoom be considered a \"contract genious?\" He saves Uncle Tom money. And, for as long as Field Cow puts asses in seats, Uncle Tom doesn\'t care if the team goes 0-19 in a 10 game season. He may say so, but honestly, he doesn\'t give a rip. Until, and only until, we get a system in place that is similar to Atlanta, Jacksonville, or Houston with Football executives in place who honestly understand the game and the way it\'s played, not just on the field, but in the office, Jesus Christ himself couldn\'t make the Saints team a contender.

Tobias-Reiper 12-09-2004 06:05 PM

Right on the Money!!!!!

\"LoomBonn\" and \"Field Cow\" may have been funny the first time around...

here\'s the deal with Haslett...

In his 5th season as the HC of the Saints:

1.- Cannot admit when he\'s wrong, and blames everything and everyone from the waterboy to the fans for his team\'s performance . You cannot correct a problem, until you recognize there is a problem.

2.- Bad personnel moves.. from playing injured players where there are capable backups (beyond Brooks 2 years ago), and playing favorites with \"his\" players... from his handling of the Turley and Roaf situations, to his video show to discredit everyone in the offense but the QB, to showering Tebucky with cash but letting Laroi go...

3.- Admits that is not his job to motivate players... ok , exactly what\'s his job, then? He doesn\'t call the offense, he doesn\'t call the defense... does he supervise his assistants, or just like it isn\'t his job to motivate players, it isn\'t his job to supervise his assistants because, after all, his assistants are professionals? Maybe his job description is cursing at the referees and look all tough and handsome on the sidelines come Sunday... or maybe he\'s too busy with personnel decisions, which where made back in February... I don\'t know...

I submit to you, you can bring in Marinos, Lynn Swanns, Lawrence Taylors, Ronnie Lotts, what have you, but with that type of attitude by the head coach, with that lack of accountability by the head coach, you\'ll still have a 7-9 ball club... is the head coach the players care about, not the owners or the front office, as long as the checks keep coming...

CheramieIII 12-09-2004 07:44 PM

Right on the Money!!!!!
Nice post Gator and I hope that was\'nt a booty bump? That went out in the early 70\'s.

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