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shadowdrinker_x 12-09-2004 12:14 PM

3-4 may be the recipe for this defense
No..I don't mean this can stick a fork in this season..

next year however..3-4 looks pretty good...

Smith, Young, Grant holding the line, and we have reasonable depth at linebacker...I know they stink..but so does our line, with the addition of a Johnson ..and/or an upper calibur really could benefit our pass defense as well...that witht he addition of a good safety..and I think we have a defense again

Danno 12-09-2004 12:30 PM

3-4 may be the recipe for this defense
I don\'t know about that.

Young is a prototypical 3-technique speed guy. He\'d be blown away at the nose.

Ends in the 3-4 have to be a bit more stout versus the run.

Darren Howard and Will Smith are perfect DE\'s for a 4-3.

The only thing this line needs is a solid 2-gap DT who excells versus the run. Grady fit the bill but took way too many plays off and let his weight balloon. A Ted Washington would be awesome, but he gets injured too frequently.

If I had my choice I\'d love to have Booger McFarland. I think he\'s the reason Sapp was over-rated.

In hindsight, although I love Will Smith, Vince Wilfork (Miami)would have been a more productive pick considering the supporting cast. Wilfork is what Sullivan was supposed to be.

But he has his own rep for taking plays off and letting his weight balloon. Probably why the Saints passed, thinking he was just a Grady Junior.

I say we stay 4-3 and add LB talent in the draft and free-agency.

saintswhodi 12-09-2004 12:44 PM

3-4 may be the recipe for this defense
We definitely need to stay 4-3, especially with weak linebakers. Look at Atlanta. they were poo in a 3-4 last year and this year, only adding Rod Coleman, their defense and pass rush is much better. 3-4 works if you have Baltimore\'s linebakers, not if you have wanna be starters for john curtis.

johnnythesaint 12-10-2004 08:22 AM

3-4 may be the recipe for this defense
I am no defensive mastermind, but don\'t most 3-4 defences rely on a scheme where they always blitz one LB? and don\'t they often audible which one once they see the formation?

If this is this case, I think our dum-dums are light years away from executing this kind of defence. Right now they can\'t seem to remember who is covering the tight end in relatively simple schemes, it would just be a disaster if they needed to make decisions and communicate them to each other, No?

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