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JKool 12-10-2004 12:06 PM

Economics 101
Ok, someone help me out with this.

The new stuff from the state says that new stadiums generate little to no economic impact, right?

Well, unless I'm understanding it wrong, and I probably am, that seems pretty obvious to me. The stadium itself generates very little revenue - other than advertising, ticket sales, employment of service staff, construction (at the outset), and some odd jobs here and there, what else can a stadium do to impact the community.

However, isn't this a little narrow minded. The impact of a national team is not just the impact of a new stadium. It includes all the players, the tourism factor, the advertising the state can do, all the run off business that benefit from a near by stadium (or maybe that is included in the study), and so on. I guess, what I'm getting at here, is this: does anyone understand how this cost/benefit is done and what factors are included in the impact of a stadium?

PS - I know that this has been discussed at some length here, but I could find the old threads to dig up, so apologies if this is just a rehash, but I am quite interested to hear.

PPS - Don't people think this could just be a bargaining chip for the state rather than a horribly bad sign?

saintswhodi 12-10-2004 01:44 PM

Economics 101
It seems the state brought in a ringer, and this site has a good article about it in the homepage.

shadowdrinker_x 12-10-2004 02:12 PM

Economics 101
Actually..Ticket sales are combined, and divided by all teams...It\'s part of the shared revenue...

Although I am certainly no economist or whatever...I think the common person can see that having an NFL franchise in your state could only be benificial...It automatically increases the number of millionares per capita ,if only even slightly..and it is a lot of potential revenue...It attracts loads of tourism...and global recognition...

I\'m not sure why these \'\'economists\'\' are saying the Saints have virtually no impact on the city..much less the state...I\'m not sure of any numbers I see on any place on the Internet...

But..I do know that things are not looking good for the future of the Saints...All this speculation , false or not, Is still causing smoke...

And where there\'s smoke..there\'s fire

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