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saintz08 01-02-2003 03:06 PM

Brooks report card
Season ending report card on Brooks :


Aaron Brooks needs to regain the swashbuckling style that carried him early in his career and during the first half of this season. Brooks struggled down the stretch and appears to have lost his confidence. His completion percentage and decision-making fell off the charts, dragging the entire offense with it.

Brooks has big-play skills, but he sometimes falls into bad habits, such as backpedaling when passing and other poor footwork. Like many young quarterbacks, he sometimes struggles to read defenses and relies to much on improvisation. He has playmakers at every position. There are no excuses left.

Wide receiver Donte' Stallworth looks like a future star. He caught eight touchdown passes despite limited playing time. Stallworth will benefit from a full offseason in the team's program, in which he'll be exposed to the West Coast offense from the ground up. He and Joe Horn should form one of the most explosive receiving tandems in the league next season.

Someone forward to Haslett , before he spends another clueless night staring at the screen . There are no excuses left !!!

saintz08 01-02-2003 03:15 PM

Brooks report card
Sent it myself , hope Haslett enjoys . ;)

saintz08 01-03-2003 12:02 AM

Brooks report card
For those wondering about the bad mechanics in Brooks throwing style , maybe this will help .

He has a very fixed release point. His ball comes off of the same plane every time. Why is this bad? if bret farve had a defender in front of his face and he was throwing a screen pass, we would alter his release point to float over the defenders flexed arms. AB does not do this very often, his release point is the same as all the other throws he makes and thus gets batted down alot.

Second He has to me 95 percent of his throws are hard and on a line. He puts no touch on most passes. Once defenses notice this, all they have to do is get between the WR and the QB, good qb\'s will get the ball to the WR over the top of the DB, but AB cannot because he can\'t make touch throws. He also does not Ulnar Diviate like most quarterbacks making his ball rotate Anteriorly. Notice great deep ball quarterbacks make the ball fall into the waiting recievers hands nose down. They master this technique on the deep balls by causing that A/P rotatioin. AB DOES NOT DO THIS!!! his ball floats and stays mostly on one plane. I watched EVERY GAME this year and I can count on one hand the number of touch passes and deep balls he completed.

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