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SaintStoneyMount 01-03-2003 11:52 AM

I can't stand it man. I am sick. I mean literally sick. And then to let the dingybirds in. I am sick and I can't wait until Vick freezes his testicles off in Green Bay. I might even watch it. Just to see Atlanta get their backs cracked. I hurt so bad now. Saintz08 you were right all along. Aaron needed to be pulled at least one of those games, if for nothing more than to light a match under his tailend. That could have possibly changed everything. Who knows? I'm sick. Just sick.

saintz08 01-03-2003 02:32 PM

Haslett and McCarthy are married to Brooks .

McCarthy brought him over from Green Bay

Haslett backed him for the big contract .

Loomis , does Loomis hand Brooks the balance of the bonus ?? 6 million , hmmm if Loomis does not pay the additional bonus Brooks only counts 5 million against the cap for 6 years . It does not take too much to see why Haslett has to defend Brooks so hard , Loomis can void the deal ....

If Jake steps in lights it up , why would Loomis cut the check for 6 million ????

Years from now this could easily go down as the 6 million dollar conspiracy . If Jake goes in and wins a game he goes to 5 -1 in games he has appeared in , Benson starts second guessing and a Jake deal could cost less . Joe Johnson admittedly would have taken less to stay in New Orleans , but Mueller fumbled those contractual negotiations .

Something really stinks , why would a Head Coach keep a quarterback in a game who finished the game with a rating of 28 , especially if you were trying to make it into the play offs .

Was Haslett seeing only his commitment to Brooks , when he should have been seeing a committment to win ?? If so then no wonder his players gave out on him , they realized that Brooks was having a bad day and they were going to lose because Haslett was committed to Brooks , not to winning ........

saintz08 01-03-2003 05:46 PM

I have gotten the answer .

Rumor had it that a few press agents were invited into camp after the game to review film and ask questions .

I asked one of them the similar question .

Was Haslett seeing only his commitment to Brooks , when he should have been seeing a commitment to win ??

His answer was : \" Haslett\'s commitment is actually to the future of the team. He\'s not
sure that inserting Delhomme would have been the answer to the

Now for some reason this is how I read this statement , Haslett is committed to protecting Brooks frail ego at all costs even if that means losing a few games and not getting into the play offs . Haslett is not commited to win now .

Jake Delhomme was never given the chance to win , because it might have started a controversy .

If you read that statement any other way let me know ....

JOESAM2002 01-03-2003 06:26 PM

I agree Saints08, it sure looks that way to me. Maybe we have the Saints version of the Randy ratio going on here. We can\'t take AB out at any cost. I agree with some others on this board too, AB should have taken a seat at least once during the fall, even if it\'s for a short time to build a fire under him. He played with NO emotion at all. As far as contraversy, who cares? There are a bunch of other players that might want to win. Don\'t get me wrong I like AB but I just think riding the pine might have helped him.As the old saying goes, you never know what you had till you lost it.

saintz08 01-03-2003 09:21 PM

Glad to know Haslett was right , there was nothing wrong with Brooks .

Nothing a little off season surgery would not take care of , he meant to say .

This could be a busy offseason for MRI technicians, at least those studying the shoulders of NFL quarterbacks, and possibly for orthopedic surgeons. The Rams, as noted earlier this week, will demand Kurt Warner undergo a rigorous exam, including an MRI on his right shoulder, where some club officials suspect a torn rotator cuff. New Orleans quarterback Aaron Brooks, we are told, almost certainly will require surgery to repair some degree of shoulder damage. And while the shoulder separated sustained by Patriots quarterback Tom Brady in the third quarter of last Sunday\'s game will not require an operation, team officials will closely monitor his rehabilitation during the offseason with regular exams.

CanadianSaint 01-03-2003 09:40 PM

Is there a more embarassing moment in Saints history? :casstet: I ask all fans by the Bayou to try and think of another franchise who reaches such highs and lows in one season. I am tired of the losing ways, and I believe it has to do with the city of New Orleans itself.
Note to Aaron Brooks: if denying your injury due to the pressure you feel, and rightfully so, to produce is keeping you from acknowledging it, wake up and smell your career ending.

WhoDat 01-04-2003 11:21 AM

I have this sinking feeling. This is yet another feeling that is so common to me. A feeling that the Saints have produced in me for years.

Honestly, none of us know if Jake would have been the savior for this team. He may have played a lot worse than Brooks. In reality, we only saw him throw, what, 10 balls in the regular season. Who knows.

Personally, I think he\'s a good quarterback paitently waiting for his chance to shine. I was calling for him early in their season, when Brooks was still playing well and everyone said I was crazy. The bottom line though, is that he is the perfect quarterback for our system. Just like Pennington is better for the Jets than Vinny, Brady was better for NE than Bledsoe, Gannon in Oakland or Johnson in TB.

Now, I fear that the Saints have passed over Jake one too many times. I mean, if you were him, would you stay in New Orleans? The coaches showed basically no respect for his abilities this year by consistently playing an injured and/or totally ineffective Brooks over him. He\'s waited his turn. His prime years are slipping away, and he has been shown, rather bluntly I might add, that he will never be the guy in New Orleans. He SHOULD leave... and probably will leave.

And thus, that sinking feeling is returning. Watching next year, or two years from now, or maybe even three, as Jake Delhomme becomes the biggest story of the season. An unknown who leads one team or another into the playoffs and maybe even the superbowl. A pro bowler maybe. How many times have the Saints given away great players? Will it ever stop? I\'d bet my life it won\'t.

WhoDat 01-04-2003 11:51 AM

And one other thing... the coaching staff needs to watch some Philadelphia game film. That team proved this year that a good system is FAR more important than any one player. Philly did it with A.J. Feeley... who is this guy?! The point though, is that when McNabb got hurt, they just inserted the next guy and things kept rolling right along.

Haslett and the Saints coaches make it out like this team is nothing without Brooks. Ridiculous. I mean, did anyone else notice that in the Baltimore game when Delhomme came in they threw the ball much less? They also didn\'t let him throw down the field... even though he was was 7-8. Insane!

saintz08 01-06-2003 01:39 AM

This one is gonna hurt for a long , long time .

Rumor has it Jake Delhomme is the quarterback that Bill Parcels has is eye on to start in Dallas next year . And the hits keep on coming .

WhoDat 01-06-2003 09:14 AM

The sinking feeling in my gut just got a lot worse.

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