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mutineer10 12-16-2004 01:28 AM

AB TRADE RUMOR-----pretty good article

Our calculations indicate that $5.96 million remains on the prorated bonus money. If the Saints trade him at any time in the offseason, they\'d take the full $5.96 million hit. If the Saints release him after June 1, the team would absorb a cap charge of $1.98 million this year and the remaining $3.98 million in 2006.
I don\'t understand this. If we trade him, why do we owe him the bonus money? I can understand we\'d have to pay up by releasing him, but if he\'s traded shouldn\'t his new team have to foot the bill, per his contract that they would then own? What a stupid rule...

Makes that Johnathan Sullivan situation look entirely bleak, doesn\'t it?

mutineer10 12-16-2004 04:14 AM

AB TRADE RUMOR-----pretty good article
Ahh, I see. Thanks for the explanation. Doesn\'t make it suck any less, but at least I understand a little better now.

dberce1 12-16-2004 08:47 AM

AB TRADE RUMOR-----pretty good article
God how I would love to play Brooks after we traded him. Blitz, blitz, blitz, blitz, blitz, blitz.
Backwards pass, fumbles, smiles......wait, I hope no other GM is reading this, I don\'t want to lessen his trade value.

saintswhodi 12-16-2004 09:17 AM

AB TRADE RUMOR-----pretty good article
Hey Gator, the guy who runs that site\'s name is Jason. He is actually an agent and has two baseball clients and an NFL client I believe. He is really just getting started these last few years. I know hin cause I moderate on thie other forum, and he is a moderator also and just got his website running a few months ago. If he is hearing this rumor, he is not pulling it out his arse. He is semi-connected int he biz. Just thought i\'d let you know.

dberce1 12-16-2004 09:29 AM

AB TRADE RUMOR-----pretty good article
As a side note, is another hilarious site, and focuses on fantasy football. Not trying to advertise for their site, just thought you guys would enjoy the humor in some of his posts.

St.Shrume 12-16-2004 09:55 AM

AB TRADE RUMOR-----pretty good article
\"The Saints also would be smart to determine whether they can find (and afford) someone better than Brooks on the free-agent market.\"

I read that article. And this is what stood out, and why I disagree with the timing of the AB trade. Do we have the $$ to spend on a Brees right now, when we have 2 LB\'s, a CB, some OL and DT to be gotten????

I understand why everyone wants AB\'s head. I understand why we expect so much from our QB (after all, our team has always had such great QB\'s, it\'s an insult now (Sarcasm!))
Sure we need a new identity, etc. Let\'s get a leader MLB to come shore up the D first.

Take care of the defense, get an O coordinator who can use the talent we have NOW, and THEN we should think trade AB.

I just don\'t like the timing. It has to happen but not sure if now is the right time.

I think AB will be gone next year. He wants out as much as many Saints fans want him out.

WhoDat 12-16-2004 09:57 AM

AB TRADE RUMOR-----pretty good article
I\'m confused. Where are the Musketeers?

Halo 12-16-2004 10:21 AM

AB TRADE RUMOR-----pretty good article
Wow, nice rumor article and thanks for the explanation Gatorman. I dunno... how long do they invest in Brooks? I feel like if another vet comes in who has had limited success he may bring us to another level. It happens a lot in the NFL.

I also think that if Brooks had the right coach he would be a game breaker. Which begs the question, why not trade his QB coach and what about another offensive coordinator.

Any which way, even if Haslett stays, I think there will be some BIG changes on the way for next season, including new assistants and some new leaders.

Can anyone say Patrick Ramsey or Jeff George or Kurt Warner or Bubby Brister ( :shock: ). I hope we dont\' mess this up, but at least Brooks will not be at Atlanta so he comes here to play and has a 500 yard game.

[Edited on 12/16/2004 by Halo]

SaintFanInATLHELL 12-16-2004 10:44 AM

AB TRADE RUMOR-----pretty good article

Take care of the defense, get an O coordinator who can use the talent we have NOW, and THEN we should think trade AB.
Take care of the defense, get an O coordinator who can use the talent we have NOW, and THEN you won\'t have to trade AB.


WhoDat 12-16-2004 11:50 AM

AB TRADE RUMOR-----pretty good article
See, I don\'t like this argument all that much either. I\'ve thought about it - maybe I just expect more of a QB, I dunno.

Look, every QB needs good people around him to succeed. No question there. AB needs help from his O-line, from Deuce, from his wideouts, from the O-coordinator, from a defense that doesn\'t make him play from behind. No question about that.

BUT - why say, build a top notch defense and improve all around so that the team can overcome AB\'s mistakes? That doesn\'t seem right either. It\'s not like we\'re dealing with Peyton Manning when he first got to Indy - give the man some help so he can be great. With AB, you\'re essentially saying, build a team that can overcome INTs for TDs, fumbles on our opponent\'s 1 yard line, backwards passes, fumbles and sacks, etc.

This is just what I look for in a QB - a guy who makes the whole team better, who brings their play to the next level - not a streaky guy who sometimes helps and who you sometimes have to win in spite of.

Halo - I really like the idea of bringing Patrick Ramsey in here.

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