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DieV3rse 12-18-2004 11:21 PM

Step one complete
With falcons win that moves the panthers playoff hopes in our hands as with cowboys we are in control .

we need three teams to lose sunday to sneak our way into the playoffs, HInt: no one thinks about the saints there sleeping in the Nfc watch these three games

Dtroit vs Vikings---Outcome we need Eiether but in reality Vikings we need

Huston vs Chicago--Outcome Huston

Saints Vs Bucs---OUtcome of course Saints

St.Louis Vs Arizona--Outcome Cards

Now in reality the saints all they half to do is win out aand they get the Last spot, If the Defense can come out and play and we can get up on top 1st. we have a chance but i see Good defense Has happen in only one game, but it is time 2 do something scary believe in Haslett and Venturl while them comming out and saying they have fixed some of this defense of problems....

The chances of the outcomes of these games is good.The only one i would doubt is st.louis but me thinking again with out no marc Bulger so....

Lets Go Cards,Viks,Texans,Saints

DieV :cool: 3rse

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dberce1 12-19-2004 10:41 AM

Step one complete
are the Cards playing at home??? I think ol Bulger is still out.

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