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saintswhodi 12-20-2004 09:47 AM

I am in shock.
Truly. Is it really this easy for us to be sucked in? This easy? Can anyone tell me please how many 4 game winning streaks we have had under Haslett? 3 games? We had a two game winning streak earlier this year, can anyone tell me what happened after that? When we played winless Arizona and winless Tampa Bay?

I appreciate everyone's enthusiasm, but it seems like every post is about what we need to do to get in the playoffs. Seriously? Can anyone tell me what we needed to do the last two games last year to get in? Did we not miss an EXTRA POINT in Jacksonville and kill all that? Come on fellas. Appreciate the win, but let's not get carried away. Playoffs? For this team? Less we forget, we beat two teams with worse records than our own. We still did not get an offensive TD against Tampa until the 4th quarter. Had it not been for our D, whom I do wanna praise greatly for their play the last two weeks, we would have been blown out of the last two. Is everyone seriously hanging their playoff hopes on Venturi's side of the ball? Seriously? Grain of salt fellas. In the spirit of the holiday season, I will quote a famous figure from history, Bah humbug. And to quote a famous tv show title from an HBO series, curb your enthusiasm. There is still LOTS to be done. Even with that said, it is good to see some positive posts around here, I guess with the exception of me. I will do my best to curb my negativity until we are let down again.

Halo 12-20-2004 10:25 AM

I am in shock.

You know it\'s easy to be sucked in because there\'s not a lot to be thankful for this year. Nothing has gone right but I have to say they have played with heart the last 2 games and even if they don\'t make it, any fan can appreciate that.

1) I\'d like to see us make it because I now hate ESPN and Chris Berman etc... bunch of New York know it alls.

2) Because I\'m tired of ignorant Louisiana citizen El Stupidoes (trying not to descriminate or call out) saying \"why should we give the Saints money when they NEVER win,\" and they\'re so stupid they don\'t realize that money isn\'t the State\'s to have because it\'s money the Saints generate from their very existance here IN NEW ORLEANS, and NONE of that money needs to go ANYWHERE BUT NEW ORLEANS in my opinion anyway.

3) How long has it been since we\'ve even won a game in December? I mean come on! I\'m always depressed and giving up on this team in December for the past 3 years. I feel good for once.

I think change will happen before next year one way or another. But I have to say Haslett and the Saints have shown a lot of \"testicles\" trying to win out and do what they are trying to do. Any other team and Coaching staff in the NFL would have completely rolled over and died, or the coach would have resigned by now.

I mean come on, at the last game I went to fans were selling and wearing \"Fire Haslett\" shirts all over the place.

I\'ll support any Saints Team, or any team for that matter, that plays with heart and determination no matter what their record is or their talent level. I\'m like most fans, I really (in the end) like to watch good, entertaining football. The past 2 games have been COMPLETELY REFRESHING.

If they fold the next few weeks then they\'ve show their true colors. But at least we have something to talk about during Christmas as opposed to watching other teams cake roll over us.

A wins a win. There is so much partity in the NFL, teams have a chance to win their divisions with losing records!!! There are only 2 gangbuster teams this year and both almost lost to teams with losing records this week,

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dberce1 12-20-2004 10:28 AM

I am in shock.
Why did the Saints fan cross the road??

To finally get to the other side.

saintfan 12-20-2004 10:30 AM

I am in shock.
While I admit rooting for this team to do something good in December seems a little silly,but why not root for them to win? It\'s all about makin the playoffs isn\'t it? Do you think the fans in Carolina are rooting against their team because they think it\'s pointless? Of course not.

I\'ll be pulling for this team until the season is over and I wish everyone else would too. I hope the Dome is filled with fans foaming at the mouth. I hope that inspires the team, and I hope we beat Atlanta Sunday, and I hope that carries over to a win on the final Sunday in Carolina, and I ultimately hope the team makes the playoffs. We\'re as good as any other team that might be there. Frankly, I can\'t see a reason NOT to wish and hope and pray and root for these things...unless you\'d rather see \'em lose so the coach gets fired.

saintswhodi 12-20-2004 10:32 AM

I am in shock.
Good points Halo, and like I said, I will attempt to curb my negativity until the next letdown. If it never happens, then that only benefits all of us.

Halo 12-20-2004 10:49 AM

I am in shock.

Good points Halo, and like I said, I will attempt to curb my negativity until the next letdown. If it never happens, then that only benefits all of us.
Hey man, there\'s a LOT to be negative about, dont\' be shy about that. Don\'t get me wrong, if we fold our tent for the final 2 games and lose big to Atlanta or something or quit in that or any game, I will be in line to call for Haslett\'s head on a platter too. If we lose on a field goal I will applaud them but also say it was too little too late.

But my hopes of playing a game in January are just very high seeing we haven\'t played one since 2000. I know a lot of people feel the same.

If 8-8 makes the playoffs and we can have a chance... even a slim margin of a chance to march to a Superbowl, I\'m cool with it.

All Saints fans ask for is a consistant march to get to the BIG SHOW and some respect from the NFL. Right now we have no respect, but if we won out or at least played with heart we will at least NOT BE LAUGHED AT.

Like you, I\'m tired of all the debates and BS, just WIN!

saintswhodi 12-20-2004 11:20 AM

I am in shock.
I saw this in today\'s Psycho\'s View on the front page and thought it fit:


Psycho’s View

This week’s Psycho’s View will be brief due to computer problems. I would first like to mention my displeasure in the Saints & their continuing ability to win when it doesn’t matter and lose when it does. It is very disappointing to watch a squad that is talented enough to win, but doesn’t when they need to. Hopefully with each week the Saints draw closer to making the changes that will point this club in a Super Bowl direction.
I agree in that winning these last two games means diddly squat if we don\'t win out, and what are the chances of that happening? Has Haslett ever had a 4 game winning streak? Just thoughts to ponder while we are racing our team into the playoffs. The worst possible scenario for this team is happening right now UNLESS we win out. What will prob happen is we will beat Atlanta, get even higher on the team, then lay the enormous Carolina egg, ushering them into the playoffs. People are saying we have heart, but that is a team with heart. 1-7 to go on a 5 game winning streak? If we have any heart we are still learning what it\'s all about. Hopefully it will carry into next year.

eran_wolf 12-20-2004 11:36 AM

I am in shock.
Why can\'t we be the Panthers for once? What can\'t we be the team that comes from no where? In the playoffs the season starts over. It doesn\'t matter what happened the past 16 games it only matters what happens now. We win we are in. Let\'s root for our team and watch them get into the playoffs.

saintswhodi 12-20-2004 11:39 AM

I am in shock.
We aren\'t the Panthers eran. And til they show me they are, my jaded heart will continue to doubt. Sorry. A 4 game surge into the playoffs would definitely put me in a better mood about the team though. We just haven\'t done it yet, and I have been set up, as we all have, for this same scenario too many times before under this regime.

spkb25 12-20-2004 12:04 PM

I am in shock.
well to me its like this we have won the last two games. have a chance to play an atlanta team i think we can beat and probally play them at a half because they have notrhing left to play for. they cant beat out philly for home field and they cant be beat out for the other first round bye. so we have a chance this week. if we win that then damn wouldnt it be nice watching the last game of the season as a win it and were in. at least the team is playing with more passion. im a fan again. and i want them to win we have a chance at the playoffs and thats all that is on my mind right now

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