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dmanlapadu 01-06-2003 06:38 AM

Why? Why? Why?
Now that the sting of missing the playoffs are starting to wear off......yeah right!!!!!!

Was AB hurt or is his work ethic just not as it should be? I mean, I've read so many posts about how he needs to mature, he's young, etc...well, Vick is supposedly in that same boat, but he is doing better, with less talent around him, I might add...I guess the difference is, he has the killer instinct, AB doesn't.

The coaching this year was pathetic, Haslett started that same old go conservative instead of sticking it to the opposition, why not keep on doing what got you there in the game and keep pouring it on. One reason the Saints never seem to finish a game is because the coaches don't let them.

I love the Saints, always will, but my god, how much can one endure!!!! I guess the old cliche comes to roost in N.O again "Wait til next year"!!!!! I HOPE SO!!!!!!

WhoDat 01-06-2003 08:13 AM

Why? Why? Why?
I think it really hurts Aaron Brooks to have a cousin like Michael Vick. Brooks has a chip on his shoulder and tries to out-do his cousin. That was especially clear to me in the Falcons games when he ran far more than in any other games all season.

The issue is athleticism. Vick might be the best athlete in the league. He\'s faster, has better instinct, a stronger arm, is more accurate, and is smarter than Brooks. Comparing the two is really unfair - Brooks will never be as good as Vick.

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