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o1higuy 12-28-2004 08:29 AM


Falcons coach Jim Mora Jr. had some choice words Sunday for the team that his father, Jim Mora, coached out of the doldrums in the late 1980s.
Although the younger Mora threw his dad's former employer a bone (and a win) by sitting quarterback Mike Vick, Jim Jr. has no warm and fuzzies for the franchise that his father helped take to the playoffs four times during his 11-season stint from 1986 through 1996.
"I keep waiting from them to put my dad's banner up," Mora said. "I don't understand why it's not in here. He won 97 games in this damn city. The least they could do was put the damn banner up. You want to talk about being pissed. Yeah, I'm pissed about that. I don't know if [owner] Tom Benson will do that. It might cost too much."
Actually, Jim, your dad won only 93 games. But who's counting?
The broader issue here is that Mora Sr. kept the job longer than anyone in the history of the franchise, and he finished with 51 more wins that current coach Jim Haslett, who has 42 in nearly five full seasons with the team.
So his postseason futility notwithstanding (he was winless in four trips to the playoffs), Mora deserves a banner primarily for his longevity. He survived for 11 years; Haslett is about to finish his fifth, which will tie Bum Phillips for the second longest tenure in team history, out of a total of 13 head coaches.
Think about that for a minute. Since 1969, the Saints have had 13 different coaches. In that same span, the Steelers have had two.
But we digress. We admire the fact that Mora Jr. took up for his old man, and we like the fact that little Jim took a shot at Benson. At a time in the NFL when it seems like everyone is afraid to publicly say something negative about anyone, we're happy to see some of that old Cosellian "tell it like it is" mentality rear its rug-covered head.

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