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spkb25 12-28-2004 06:09 PM

how much of the defense playing better is mckenzie
are we able to more often stack 8 in the box to help stop the run because of the play of mckenzie. are we not getting crushed consitently from big pass plays because of mckenzie. he seems to really have been worth picking up. what do you guys think?

xan 12-28-2004 06:47 PM

how much of the defense playing better is mckenzie
We have been putting 8 in the box against teams with remarkable running games and suspect, if not anemic passing games. This is a change in strategy from the beginning of the year where schemes were instituted using \"speed/pursuit\" - relying on intelligence, field awareness and excellent technique. Whoever is responsible, he/she/they have discovered that reducing an offence to one dimension is always a good thing. McKenzie\'s athletic ability and field awareness must have given the overall schemes the luxurey of pressing at the line of scrimmage on early downs, cutting off what had been a dismal record of giving up huge plays on 1st downs.

However, when McKenzie is in or not, the line press is employed. This may be nothing more than a simplification of overall defensive coordination and a focus on using pressure to reduce the effectiveness of the opposition.

Danno 12-29-2004 06:59 AM

how much of the defense playing better is mckenzie
I realy like this guy. He\'s got a swagger that seems to have caught on. He\'s better than I thought he\'d be.

Who would have thought our two best CB\'s at seasons end would be Brown and McKenzie?

Maybe all the pre-season hype about Brown was true.

Saintjoe1 12-29-2004 09:47 AM

how much of the defense playing better is mckenzie
I have always liked the move to get MM, the kid is a playmaker and always has been. McKenzie has really come on strong ever since Parcells decided to pick on him in the Dallas game. For a supposed genius, that wasn\'t a very smart move on the Tuna\'s part. McKenzie rose to the challenge and has been up ever since. What kind of contract do we have him on? Is it a short or long term?

Speaking of better D -Is it my imagination or has the D line been a lot stronger ever since Whitehead came back off of injury? I know we might have been waxed in a couple of games since his return, but still it seems the line has been better since he came back in the rotation.

saintswhodi 12-29-2004 09:54 AM

how much of the defense playing better is mckenzie
Saintjoe, whitehead definitely helped to improve the overall play of the line. He is a hustle player, a player I like a lot. Not an everydown starter, but definitely the guy you want filling in along the line. I think it was a huge lift to have him healthy during this stretch. McKenzie\'s contributions go without saying. We may finally have a star cb.

dberce1 12-29-2004 12:49 PM

how much of the defense playing better is mckenzie
MM\'s nickname should be \"the Predator\", because he looks just like him w/ the dreads. I can hear that \"clicking\" sound everytime he drops into coverage.

D_it_up 12-29-2004 06:09 PM

how much of the defense playing better is mckenzie
McKenzie has been performing at All-Pro caliber the last several weeks. This has definitely help in pass defense. I can\'t give him all the credit in the turnaround, but his play has made a substantial difference. The improved play of the defensive line and linebackers have been a HUGE boost to the defense as well. Howard is playing like a man possessed and that is keeping Grant from being double-teamed as often. It is also opening up the middle of the line with Young, Whitehead, and Green to make plays in the backfield, whether it is a pass or run play. As faras the linebackers are concerned, Bockwoldt, Allen, and Watson have been pretty darn good. I\'ve noticed them utilizing Watson\'s speed more in obvious passing downs by blitzing him up the middle. I noticed this early in the game against the Falcons, and it really threw off their passing game. The secondary as a whole has been playing exceptional, because they are actually able to play in position with the improvement of the front 7. It is also allowing Bellamy or Jones to sneak up in the box to help with the running game. I can\'t believe I\'m saying this, but I have definitely been impressed with the Saints defense the last several games. My only beef and question is......WHERE IN THE HELL HAS IT BEEN ALL YEAR?????????

GumboBC 12-29-2004 06:17 PM

how much of the defense playing better is mckenzie
Excellent post D_it_up2

I think the defense is playing better because of Aaron Brooks. Don\'t ask me why!! I just figure if he was the reason they were playing bad, he must be the reason they stepped it up. Maybe it\'s Brooks\' leadership...

Seriously, I agree with Ditup

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