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GumboBC 12-29-2004 03:49 PM

John Fox and how the Panthers play
John Fox has a coaching style that he follows come hell or high water.

He believes in running the football, first and foremost. It doesn't matter if the running game is sucessful or not, he keeps running the ball regardless. Why?

1. It's the safe thing to do. Less chance of turnover.
2. He doesn't want his offense to become one dimensional.
3. They are a play action offense and if they keep handing the ball off teams have to honor the run and can't key on the pass.
4. They are going to take their shots in the passing game and it's more effective.
5. They believe in their defense and it's ability to put their offense in a favorable situation.

This Panthers team is vunerable. And it's pretty simple. We can't turn the ball over and expect to win. We need to make them earn everything.

We need to give them a big dose of Deuce whether he's averaging 4yds or 2yds. We can't allow their defense to pin their ears back and rush the passer.

For much of the year our running game was being abandoned and all we did was pass. I think that was a mistake. Of course, our defense wasn't playing well and we had to play catch-up.

I think we can expose the Panthers by beating them at their own game?

Thoughts? Come one, come all. Let me hear it!!! :P

D_it_up 12-29-2004 06:43 PM

John Fox and how the Panthers play
Whatever the Saints have been doing lately, DON\'T ABANDON IT!!! It has been working. Forcing turnovers, converting those turnovers into points, special teams play, and McCarthy actually calling Deuce\'s number more than 7 times in a game has put the Saints into a position that not many thought they\'d be in right now....including myself.

In the first game against Carolina, the Saints D kept Goings in check for most of the game, but were burned on the pass. Goings piled up most of his yards late in the 3rd quarter until the end on an exhausted Saints defense. Time of possession killed them in that game. IF the Saints can strike early (highly unlikely due to their inept ability to do so this season), OR keep Carolina\'s offense in check, the Saints have a great chance of winning this game. Brooks and Co. need to bring their A-game on Sunday. NO MISTAKES!!! As I predicted in another post, the Saints win on Sunday.

spkb25 12-29-2004 07:07 PM

John Fox and how the Panthers play
i think our system is about the same as the panthers we just dont adhere to it as much as we should. u pound deuce no matter what (unless ur down by 20) and then u play action off of that. i think the biggest key to this game is deace 30 times for 120 or 130 yards. or something like that. even 30 times over 100 yards will work. but he has to be a huge factor in this game. if we can do that and we dont turn the ball over those two things will lead to a win. but this game is a huge game and it will be tough no matter what. this is a good team despite their record. it will be very hard for us to win. but taking care of the ball is huge. if we keep it close either us or them winning by a field goal in the 4rth quarter we have a shot. we want to be in the game very much in the 4rth quarter.

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