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How do we play the Panthers?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I think it's pretty clear that our O-line can't control the Panthers' D-line. Which, by the way, presents a great challenge. McCarthy likes to put 3 and 4 receivers on the field which leaves our O-line with no help blocking. ...

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How do we play the Panthers?

I think it's pretty clear that our O-line can't control the Panthers' D-line. Which, by the way, presents a great challenge.

McCarthy likes to put 3 and 4 receivers on the field which leaves our O-line with no help blocking.

I think if McCarthy tries to spread the field by going 3 and 4 wide, he will be making a grave mistake.

Instead- I think he needs to use a 2-tightend set and max. protect in passing situations. Then of course, I think we still need to take our shots down the field.

Also, I think we need to really utlilize the screen pass. Whether it works or not really doesn't matter. We just need to make them honor it to open things up later.

Samething goes for Deuce and the running game. Keep running the ball whether it's working or not. Make them honor the run game and not key on the pass.

And maybe even throw to the fullback a few times.

We really need to mix it up when it comes to the play calling.

I fell if we can do that that our WR's will be wide open and able to make some huge plays!!!

Ya'll give me some feed back!!!!!!!!! :exclam:
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How do we play the Panthers?

I think we just need to score more points than the panthers do
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How do we play the Panthers?

I think we just need to score more points than the panthers do
Novel idea... :P

But you can do better. I just know in my heart of hearts you can do better.

Step back up to the plate and take another swing, my friend.. :P
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How do we play the Panthers?

Win on special teams(good field posistions,maybe block a punt), dink and dunk passes, and duece up the middle. i think that the panthers won\'t give AB time to set and long pass play up. Roll outs. everything will have to be quick and fast and short to start off with. The receivers will have to do more to get some yards after the catch. Start off with no huddle until Riely jumps. If this works up till the half, i suspect then they will be able to open the field more. Avoid playing a possesion game. Carolina will kill us with that.
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How do we play the Panthers?

How bout that wonderful little trick play we used to run last year where they direct snap to deuce and blow down the field for 30yrds.........lots of screens............and oh yea.Brooks to HOLLYWOOD!!!!!!!!
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How do we play the Panthers?

see i on the other hand believe that we have to set three wo\'s. we need to spread the field to get deuce going. then we can worrry about slowing down the pass rush. i think we have to come out spreadint the field. get deuce going and every thign else takes care of it self
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How do we play the Panthers?

Be amazing, not sloppy. At the very least - be consistent with no errors.

The Cats are expecting the 1st 3 plays to be: Throw to Horn, Deuce rush, Throw to Horn.

So I would go for:
An early catch by Donte - that would unsettle the Cats big time (Assuming Donte has not got a hip problem. Makes a change to the hamstring problem).
Stecker carry.

Then I would mix it up with our big offensive stars - Deuce & Joe.

On defence; total aggression. If they can get to Delhomme, then they have to flatten him. We are not going to out-yardage the Cats; so we need turnovers. In their different way, Will Smith and McKenzie have to have the game of their lives. I am really not looking forward #17 pass to #87.

Special Teams - Well Beer-man had better make it 3 in a row.

Not so sure about the direct snap to Deuce (or McAfee on 4th down) unless we are close to their end-zone or we are 10 points down.

BTW - in case you have missed it - Joe Horn needs 5 catches and 17 yards to set new career highs and franchise single-season records. ..

Regardless of our differing opinions - we all need to pull together and work our karma on this one. ..........

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How do we play the Panthers?

Alright Gumbo, feeling a lil tipsy from New Years, but here we go.......

First of all, we need to control the the trenches. Through a tight end and fullback in there to help protect Duece and poor lil AB. Guy has had DL\'s on him all season. He\'s like the Yasur Arafat of football, everyone is gunning for him. Quick slants to Donte if we cant get some time to throw for AB. The guys always a threat to take it to the house(if he can catch it) That way we can force them to play tight on the corners and that will help free up space for Big Daddy Horn on some deep routes. Get Duece going early and get him goin strong. make them respect on of the best RB\'s in the game. No outside stuff, pound it up the middle, and hard. The have very talented and speedy ends, keep the plays away from them. Peppers can carry that defense throughout the whole game, we must neutralize him early. Mix it up, give it to Stecker for a change of past, maybe some draws or so for him. The rely very much on speed on defense, lets use that against them with the draw or direct snaps. Also, I wanna see my boy Karney get some carries or some passes his way. The boy is a beast and can pound it on the Panthers. Now as for defense..........

Take Mushin out of the game, i dont mean kill the guy, just put McKenzie and have Bellamy or TJ help on that side. Colbert is a good WR, but a rookie and is very raw. I dont think he will be able to step it up and take the place of Mushin. Their offense has relied heavily on him making circus catches and without that they dont have the big play ability. Also, put some hard pressure on Delhomme. The guy WILL make mistakes if he is running for his life. Goings is not a Pro-Bowl back, lets not make him look like one. Put big Willie in their to help stuff the run. We have very athletic LB\'s, they may not be the most experienced in the league, but the guys have quickness and we need to use that. Also, a very big key. We need to watch Magnum(TE). We always get torn up by TE\'s and this guy is pretty talented. Stuff this guy at the line and stick Watson on him in coverage. We need to pressure their weak and injured line. Make them wish they were on the IR like the other half of them.

The beer man needs to be huge this week. The shorter the field, the less amount of plays it takes us to score or screw up. Also, Haslett needs to get his ass out there and jump around and get crazy on the field. That will win the fans back and defintaly motivate some of our guys. Punch a ref, do something to show some fire and let us know u want to be here next year, even if u might not be. But thats just what i can type out, drunk @ 3:39 am new years day. Kick some ass Saints!

is this all really happening????
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How do we play the Panthers?

Bring back the slant route. It actually worked two weeks ago. Donte caught one for a TD.

A few DESIGNED QB draws.

Maybe a FB carry or two. Mike deserves it the way he\'s been blowing LBs and Safeties up this year.

Start the game with an on-sides kick (remember that one?)

Go for broke! Put away \"Coaching For Dummies\" and be creative.

Oh yeah. Tie McCarthy up and leave him in the locker room prior to kick-off.

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How do we play the Panthers?

Double Muhammad on every play, make the other WRs beat you. Stack the line and stop Goings and get pressure on Delhomme. Attack attack attack.

On offense, it won\'t be easy b/c AB is going to have to do it with smarts, and we all know that\'s next to impossible. I say spread it out, their secondary is their weakness. Put AB in the gun and make him figure out how to see the hot read and get the ball out QUICKLY - otherwise, he\'ll be good for a lot of sacks, and probably at least one pick and one fumble.

I agree with the win on special teams comment - that\'s one place where we are much better and we have to make plays there.

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