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So if you could make the decision

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Would you fire RR, and if so who would you replace him with....

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So if you could make the decision

Would you fire RR, and if so who would you replace him with.
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Re: So if you could make the decision

I can't believe how bad we are defensively. It's like sometimes we have no second or third level on defense. We couldn't tackle Ray Charles rolling through our defensive line in a wheel chair. Now would I fire Ryan? No. We had such a terrific year last season I'd give him a pass and hope this monstrosity is an anomaly.
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Re: So if you could make the decision

I would fire him and try to get the LBer coach for the 49ers. The entire defensive staff needs to go as well.

Rob's biggest problem is not being able to correct the same mistakes being made over and over and over... Making mistakes is nothing new but repeating the same mistakes over 12 weeks is a problem that is bigger than the players.

The players need to be cleaned out as well. Anyone that wouldn't cause too much dead money needs to go. The keepers on D: Lewis, Byrd, Bush, Lofton and JR.

I would also love to see Carmichael take over play calling.

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Re: So if you could make the decision

It's a hard call to make. Rob Ryan is a great guy and a real players-coach. I think our guys were so fired up by how much of a breath of fresh air he was last season that they greatly overachieved and made it look like our defense was perfectly fine. But now the shine has worn off... Giving players animal alter ego's and introducing assistant coaches with rap music in meetings isn't so motivational anymore.
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Re: So if you could make the decision

I am not sure he deserves to get fired, but I think it's coming. I am not 100 percent sure how the Saints operate, but it's safe to assume he did not make the decision to sign a free agent safety for a billion dollars, or address the glaring weakness at CB with a guy who can no longer play, I doubt he started teaching his players how to not tackle, or tell his team that it is okay to give up big plays on a regular basis when the game is on the line...

I agree with you blackandgold that there is a big issue with lack of adjustments...
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Re: So if you could make the decision

All the defensive position coaches need to be fired....all of them. Let Ryan bring in who he want and not just roll with Payton's boys...we aren't developing anyone on the defensive side of the ball!!! That starts with the position coaches.
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Re: So if you could make the decision

I just simply think we don't have the personnel to run an NFL defense for 4 quarters. I also think our defenders are in poor shape, especially on the d-line. Compared to almost every other NFL team, our defensive line looks small-armed, lacking muscle, and our DB's looked gassed by the 4th quarter.

We just don't have the personnel to run a 4 quarter defense.
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Re: So if you could make the decision

Look at Seattle,constant rotation on the line.Same with Baltimore,Upshaw on run plays ummerville stays fresh too rush.We ave the same front three and 4 linebackers most plays
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Re: So if you could make the decision

At this stage in the season we would achieve nothing by firing Ryan. I don't really think he's done anything to blame. Our defense clearly overachieved last year by a huge margin and we were naive to expect the same results this year. But with that said, having regressed to a top 15 defense was a realistic expectation. And we have failed to achieve that.

We can't give a pass for injuries because our injuries have come for the most part long after we looked atrocious. But every time I watch the games I am never screaming about the scheme being the problem. I seldom am upset when we blitz, when we go man coverage or when we go to zone coverage. It is almost never what defense we are playing but how our personnel executes. Almost to a man we take horrible angles, make half hearted attempts at tackles, lineman getting washed out in blocks, or DB's just getting out maneuvered by receivers. Our guys just can't play a single play as a unit with effort, consistency and fundamentals. Someone on every play is taking the play off or making atrocious errors. Maybe that is coaching but some onus needs to fall upon the players themselves to be accountable.

The problem is no one is being accountable. Every press conference is "we gotta fix things" but no one has any answers.
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Re: So if you could make the decision

The majority of the D needs upgrading. Our D-backs just got abused in man coverage, losing Bunkley left a huge lane up the middle, but it was good to at least see a much improved "effort" from last week. This Saints team still wins the division if they put the same effort out.
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