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4saintspirit 01-03-2005 12:32 PM

Even though we
did not make the playoffs I have to admit I am very proud of our team. They showed heart and passion during a time they usually are thinking about vacation plans. The last 5 games (even the loss to the Falcons) the Saints played well. We dominated on both sides of the line yesterday -- something everyone predicted in the beginning of the season. Our DL finally showed why everyone expected them to be the best unit on our team. McKenzie -- stud -- probably has more to do with our defensive turnaround then anything else. If these young linebackers improve next year we may actually have the makings of a decent D. (After this year I know thats a stretch)

Couple of negatives -- AB's comments to the media after the game. I do not mind him taking some frustration on the the media in the comparisons to Jake but his comment " Jake is a godd QB with a great supporting cast -- I am a great QB with a good supporting cast. Sorry AB --- with Deuce, Horn and Stallworth on the team calling yourself great and them good makes me think you still need to grow up. DOn't ruin a great performance with stupid comments. Haz also was pretty obnoxious but he has been getting slammed by everyone.

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