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Swampdawgs 01-07-2003 11:05 PM

Blame it on Coaching
I hate to say this but its the truth Haslett and Brooks must go Jake is the man and should be the man he may not have brooks arm strength but has the confidence and the fire to get this team modivated when it gets down and the players sense that. Granted you can blame the players all you want But remember at the break we were 6 and 2 and that was with playing the TOP teams in the leauge, the second half of the season we had an easier schedule ,what a blunder You can only blame that on COACHING. Under coaching I mean Conditioning, not yanking brooks, keeping Jackson and Hands weight down for endurance in the 4th quarter when we need it the most to stop the run, not having a free agent quality back up behind Deuce, (would have made the playoffs) stop telling Brooks not to run, for example if its not there pull it down and take off! Even though I dont like Brooks he is just as capable as Vick or McNabb The best redzone play the Saints have we never use, the rollout right pass if they are covered run it in yourself that was his best play what happened? Whether you agree with me or not as far as my reasons go it all comes down to COACHING!!!!!!!! :mad

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