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Mickey Loomis on the hot seat?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Originally Posted by Papa Voodoo 2013 - Kenny V. - Awesome pick. 2014 - Kenny V. - worst safety in the league. That's not on Loomis or Reiprish. That's on Kenny and the coaching staff. We also had the #4 ...

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Re: Mickey Loomis on the hot seat?

Originally Posted by Papa Voodoo View Post
2013 - Kenny V. - Awesome pick. 2014 - Kenny V. - worst safety in the league. That's not on Loomis or Reiprish. That's on Kenny and the coaching staff.

We also had the #4 defense in the NFL last year. These guys were geniuses last year and now they should all be fired?

Thats why we need to invest in OL because most qbs do turn the ball over when they face superior qbs through no fault of the defense but mental errors. We could have done this to people like Dalton, Hoyer, and probably would have won against Atlanta with a healthy oline and Baltimore. Thats 10 wins. If the defense does not improve then we better have something to fall back on.
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Re: Mickey Loomis on the hot seat?

Originally Posted by jeanpierre View Post
Loomis is NOT a good general manager...

Need a GM to reign in Payton and stop BS like reaching for Cooks when we needed that third round pick for a linebacker...

Or making a questionable selection of Jean-Baptiste in the second round...

Or giving up a second round pick in addition to a first round pick to select Roll Tide?!?

A Good GM would have said, "Look Sean, no question we need RBs, but that kid is going to need 16+ touches per game and you don't have that for him; let's keep our first round pick for next year and keep spreading out the cap and continue to add younger players EACH season..."
I so agree. However, if we were going to (once again) trade up (and once again, throw away mid-round picks), at least it was for WR Cooks. He was the only one worth it.

A 2nd round pick used on OL (or WR) with the 3rd on LB, oh boy what a day it would've been. Wonder who we woulda got in the 1st if we stayed 26th? My fav (CB Verritt) was off the board.
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Re: Mickey Loomis on the hot seat?

WOW! There's a lot of opinions with regards to this topic. There's also quite a bit of emotion around our horrible season, Loomis, Ryan, drafts, scouting and on & on. I don't think we can blow up the whole thing and hope we will be o.k. We use to think Loomis was a genius now we want him gone? Let's not forget he is over both football & basketball & is being pulled in several directions. Everyone's job should be shaky but not everyone has to go. While we still have Drew & Sean we need to concentrate on winning a championship within the next 2 years. We don't need to dismantle the car because we have an oil leak.
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Re: Mickey Loomis on the hot seat?

I don't think he's on the hot seat. He brought this team out of the perpetual sludge of mediocracy. We're back in that sludge right now unfortunately, but you can't win em' all. There are going to be some soft edges the tires are going to hit from time to time. Overall he's done a great job. There were maybe 1-3 plays that kept us out of the playoffs, that's it. A couple of plays. The 49er meltdown 50+ yard strike and the Jimmy TD off the top of my head. There were also a lot of new unproven players, and players in roles they should not have been in. I give him the pass to get it together. Seems like we are doing that right now.
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Re: Mickey Loomis on the hot seat?

I don't want him replaced or to leave. I want him to right this ship like he has before. We were so horrible that we couldn't win the pitiful NFCSouth. Getting to the playoffs will never be as easy as it setup this year and we couldn't get it done. For that everyone needs to be on the hot seat. Everyone.
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Re: Mickey Loomis on the hot seat?

What bothers me most about Loomis tenure is their inability to understand the value of draft picks...

Seems like other teams would have gotten Shockey and Vilma with only one pick each...

And moving up so cavalierly, while I'd normally appreciate the aggressiveness, the Ingram move was absolutely horrible for team (and fans) as well as player who was unable to live up to the hype...

Now I like Cooks, but there were receivers still on the board who were as effective (maybe not as talented, certainly bigger though) who could have contributed and still have left that third round pick for say...a linebacker?!?

And to knowingly take projects with first, second round picks (Meachem, Ingram, Henderson, Baptiste) is really poor draft assessment valuation...
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“Your best?!? Losers always whine about their best. Winners go home (with) the prom queen.” - Sean Connery in The Rock
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Re: Mickey Loomis on the hot seat?

Henderson was actually good for us.
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Re: Mickey Loomis on the hot seat?

It is all coming to an end gang.

Look at the cap time frame on expiring contract. 2016 is the golden date for expiring contracts. dead money amounts are so sweet...... now take into account the the players and the front are fully aware that the odds of the final years of any of the contract have little hope of getting paid. that is why they front load these contracts. Agents and the front offices know this. everyone is cap bait for the most part.

the last real push the saints made for a super bowl run was the fA year we signed sproles and the others. that did not work out. close but no cigars

Now our backs are to the wall and the saints have become more and more desperate each and every year.

Draft has been all about swinging for the fence instead of working the bases. So as expected we have struck out more times than not

FA signing? sorry when the saints gutted this team to sign Byrd was the final act of desperation. I like byrd but that contract.geshhh. someone sold a bills of good on this one.

Byrd needs players around him so he can do what he does best. Pats learned this a long time ago and attacked Byrd by forcing him into one on one coverage. not his strong suit. this secondary needs a huge infusion of talent to make this signing work. Kenny is not the type of SS you want back there helping him out. that is not a marriage made in heaven as most thought it was to be including the saints who bought into the bill of goods sold to them. sorry i have Rob pegged as the salesman.

So the saints have their back to the wall and the super bowl window is all but closed and they have not done anything to the saints roster to keep it at an elite level in the NFL. As a matter of fact the desperation moves have made this worse.

Mickey is a pencil pusher that does as he is told. he is dam good at it too.

The games being played personnel wise? that blame rests else where.

What the saints need is a boring solid draft. in fact it is long over due.

It is coming to end and this might be the last year many of our favorite old timers will wear a saint uniform.

When you look at the bench we aint got squat to replace them.

so contract restructuring and/or extensions all around because we are not ready, if not back to the basement we go.

"We may have lost the game, but you'll be hurting tomorrow." Doug Atkins

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Re: Mickey Loomis on the hot seat?

Henderson and Mechuem?

LMAO first round pick for streakers? their route tree did or does not have that many branches for sure.

thus the reason i have always said the saints have never given Drew a true #1 WR
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Re: Mickey Loomis on the hot seat?

No way Loomis is on the "hot seat" or going anywhere. The reason?

Like it or not, this team is STILL immersed in its own nostalgia for the Super Bowl year. They are still riding that trophy into the sunset for as long as possible. Benson, Loomis, Payton, the veterans on the coaching staff, the scouts, all of them -- it pervades the whole organization. No way that changes until a lot of other things change first.
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