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SycoSurfer 01-08-2003 05:56 PM

I feel cheated!
Reason 1- After so many years of the Saints getting bad ends of calls that cost us games no one ever gave us as much BS as the Giants are getting cause they blew a lead and lost a game on 1 missed call. If there were a few calls that lead to the 9ers coming back then maybe I could be more sympathetic. However to blow a lead like that and lose on 1 call after you had so many chances to put it away... too bad.
We didnt get this much sympathy after 9-11 and the Giants were handed a game by the refs. This is BS!

Reason 2- Brooks is having surgery! If it doesnt affect arm strenght, cause pain or limit range of motion why do you need surgery? AB cheated us out of a playoff shot cause he was worried about losing his job to a QB who is less skilled but smarter and more of a leader. This is exactly the selfish behavior we dont need from our starting QB! If he was hurt he should have trusted in our backups to go out and get the job done like all the other QBs did this year. Brooks was more worried about trying to do it all himself he made himself look bad and cost this team a shot!!! I dont know if I am pissed off, upset or just feel cheatd. This is just wrong... someone needs to answer questions. IF Has new Brooks was hurt why didnt he pull him and say he was hurt? IF Brooks knew he was hurt and lied WHY?

I cant keep having great seasons resulting in me watching playoff games from my home and cheering for no one in particular. I want my boys in there and I want to be there cheering for them. Egos need to be replaced with heart, and a leader has to emerge to lead us into next season. DAMNIT this sucks!!!

WhoDat 01-08-2003 06:30 PM

I feel cheated!
Syco, a picture is worth a thousand words... so here you go!

C\'mon, everybody, chant it with me now!

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