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saintfan 01-09-2003 09:07 AM

Brook's is not hurt
\"It doesn\'t surprise me that he could throw a football with the injury,\" said Dr. Michael Brunet, professor of orthopedic surgery and the director of sports medicine at Tulane University. \"Baseball players experience similar injuries and throw for fairly lengthy times over their careers.\"

Robert Sellards, an assistant professor of orthopedic surgery at the Louisiana State University Heath Sciences Center, said he is familiar with the Saints\' team doctors and saw Brooks play after the injury. \"I can\'t fault (the Saints) on what they did at all,\" he said. \"I\'m sure they have the finest medical staff there is. How people compete with tears varies from person to person.\"

Sellards agreed with the Saints\' assessment that the injury would not prevent Brooks from throwing the ball effectively but added, \"if one of the muscles is torn, the other muscles would work to compensate for the injured muscle, which would certainly lead to fatigue and weakness.\"

saintfan 01-09-2003 09:30 AM

Brook's is not hurt
I\'m taking nothing out of context, and there\'s nothing sneaky about it. Those are the paragraphs that sum up the doctor\'s opinions. I, too, encourage everyone to follow the link and read the entire article. Your question was:

Can a torn tendon in your shoulder effect your throwing motion?

I think the paragraphs I pasted from that article fairly answer your question.

Here are a few more paragraphs from the same article:

\"Common sense will tell you when you have something like that, it makes the efficiency of your throws less than 100 percent,\" Brunet said. \"Whether that\'s 75 percent or 80 percent or 90 percent depends upon the person and the injury.\"

Rotator cuff injuries vary according to the severity of the injury and the toughness of the injured player, doctors said. Some baseball pitchers play their entire careers or for full seasons with rotator cuff injuries before choosing to undergo surgery.

Now, in my own words, what I think is unfair is for you to call Haslett a \"damn liar\". He\'s no doctor dude, he has to take their word for it, and you can bet your butt players are encouraged to play when they\'re hurt. What league are you watching Gatorman?

saintz08 01-09-2003 02:10 PM

Brook's is not hurt
Alright Haslett goes on and says Brooks was not injured enough to hamper his motion , I am not sure have never torn anything in that general proximity .

But one question I do have is \" Who took the majority of snaps during the weekly practices ? \"

Inquiring minds want to know .

saintfan 01-09-2003 03:41 PM

Brook's is not hurt
Watch your language there Gatorman. Now understand that Jim\'s job is to win...period. He had a reason he didn\'t put Jake in. In his mind I don\'t think he was trying to slight anybody. I\'m speculating, but I\'m betting it wasn\'t personal. You guys just won\'t accept what the man has to say, and the bottom line is he\'s in charge and you guys aren\'t. If either you or WhoDat or Saintz08 were just great evalators of talent or had all the answers who claim to have, then why didn\'t you seek out a career in the NFL? Hell man, give it a shot, maybe Benson will hire you.

Plain as day those Doctors said they didn\'t think the Saints made a bad decision based on the what is it that Jim lied about? What\'s the big lie he told?

WhoDat 01-09-2003 03:45 PM

Brook's is not hurt
I don\'t think he lied... I think he made a stupid decision. One that he will continue to make for another year... until he is released as Saints head coach.

saintfan 01-09-2003 04:12 PM

Brook's is not hurt
I guess it\'s too bad you don\'t get to be in on the decision then. I\'m quite sure Brooks will play well again next year, and with a tightend that can catch, a speedy receiver who isn\'t a Rookie anymore ( one who says he\'s gonna catch 2000 balls in the offseason so as to reduce the number of dropped passes) and with any luck a defense that can actually stop somebody, who knows? I might just be right. Wouldn\'t that suck?

WhoDat 01-09-2003 04:21 PM

Brook's is not hurt
I\'ll give you his answer before he can... the defense (which he is correct, at least partially about) and quite obviously those damn wide receivers and that terrible offensive line. They\'re truly the ones to blame. Not our beloved Aaron. He\'s perfect!

I mean seriously gator, don\'t you know how bad our Pro Bowl receiver is? And the best rookie receiver we\'ve had in as long as I can remeber. They are just terrible.

So is the line that managed to open enough holes to allow our back to be the leading rusher in the NFC... oh, and they managed to block long enough to allow our QB to throw 27 touchdown passes, which Saintfan will be quick to mention (I guess he did that all by himself huh Saintfan - block threw and caught on each of those plays)... but you know what, our line is terrible too.

In fact, Aaron Brooks is the only good player on our team. Get rid of the line. Scrap the defense. Hell, we don\'t need Horn or Deuce... just keep Brooks and Haslett and we\'re Super Bowl bound!

WhoDat 01-09-2003 04:23 PM

Brook's is not hurt
And PS - you guys are all crazy if you can\'t see how awesome Brooks is. I mean he has really great.... uh.... can I tell you about other QBs\' stats?

saintfan 01-09-2003 04:30 PM

Brook's is not hurt
Honestly, I credit this years tanking to young players. I think this team lost direction. In some fashion I agree that we have to hold the Head Coach responsible to a degree, but I stick with what I said earlier. I think that at some point you have to have players on your team that don\'t need motivation from the coach. I think you have to have players that want it that bad. Players like Sap. I\'ll have to concede a point to Saintz08 from earlier this year and say that I think Brooks needs to step up and lead (lead us Charlie Brown, Lead us) a little more. I think he\'ll learn that. I also think the O lost all faith in the D. Losing that Vikings game had to hurt. Scoring on the Flacons D (a pretty good one) only to watch our D give \'em the game winning field goal had to hurt man. There\'s lots of things that went into the 3 game dive. I bet to a degree you\'d agree if you\'d just let yourself.

Ultimately, I think Haz inhereted a team that really wasn\'t. I think he\'s done a fabulous job all things considred. In the last two years he\'s taken an offense that was for crap and turned it into one that averaged 27 points a game. I\'m saying rather than scream for his job and the backup QB, get behind him. I believe it was WhoDat that said the rub is the next season. As much as I hate it, I more or less agree. I think 6 or 7 new guys on defense might just make this a more rounded team...and another year of experience for the team as a whole can do nothing but help.

I\'m pleading with you people to get off your \"fire \'em all\" bandwagon and be constructive. Brooks will be the starter next year no matter how loud you protest it...he SHOULD be the starter unless Jake takes the job from him, and that\'s not likely. Jake couldn\'t take the job from lesser QB\'s that were here before Aaron. If you guys wanna fire a coach, as much as I like Rick as a human being, look to Venturi as someone that should go. I\'d disagree if Haz keeps him, but I\'m not gonna start screaming for his job if he does.

So many things have to come together for a team to win the Superbowl. We all know that. So lets take all this energy we have been using arguing amongst each other and think about who we should draft...or maybe which Free Agent will help the most. Haz isn\'t going anywhere and neither is Brooks...not yet. Ya\'ll can holler \'til the dry cows come home but it ain\'t gonna help.

saintfan 01-09-2003 04:32 PM

Brook's is not hurt
I believe it was in another thread, but I was right on WhoDat...your ignorance really is showing. You should cover that up man.

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