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WhoDat 01-09-2003 11:36 AM

What does AB have?
Let's see if anyone in this forum can answer this question...

Stats aside, all great quarterbacks have a special something that makes them great. Most of the time its an intangible. One of those things that stats can't measure. For example:


Favre, for most of his career, has won when it matters. He has the ability to make the tough throw look easy and he creates.

Gannon and Manning are "students of the game." People say that these two guys spend more time in the film room than anyone else in their respective organizations and as a result, they always know what's going on and where everyone is on the field.

Vick, Garica, mcNabb have the ability to beat you with their arms or legs. All of these guys find a way to avoid the rush and keep the chains moving one way or another.

Or, if you want an up-and-coming young guy, Chad Pennington is efficient. He has the ability to read the defense, find the right receiver, and get the ball out quickly.

Kurt Warner, up until this year when his thumb and pinky finger finally caught up with him, was accurate. He had the ability to always put the ball out in front of a receiver exactly where it needed to be so the receiver could catch it AND run with it.



What does Aaron Brooks have?

A strong arm? Athleticism? Youth? Good receivers who know how to find the end zone... a big paycheck (just kidding). But seriously, what does he have?

A strong arm, athleticism, youth - those things are attributes, not skills. They are the kind of things you use to gain a skill. A skill is something that is learned and worked at to perfect. Those things come naturally to Brooks.

But how does he use those things to help his team, like Vick uses his feet to run for positive yardage or Pennington uses his head to read the D and find the right receiver? Does he use his strong arm to fit passes into spots that seem impossible? Does he use his athleticism to avoid the rush and pick up yardage? Does his youth make him more ambitious, work harder, last longer than other guys?

Someone, anyone, please tell me. What does Aaron Brooks have that is making Jim Haslett and the rest of the Saints organization believe that he is the quarterback of the future for this team?

saintz08 01-09-2003 12:55 PM

What does AB have?
Great smile ??

I am going with Strong Arm .

WhoDat 01-09-2003 01:05 PM

What does AB have?
So a strong arm is worth $36 million? I\'m not buying it.

C\'mon people. Some of you who frequent this site are backing Brooks even now. Others have supported Haslett, the Muellers, Loomis, Benson, etc. in their ability to judge talent and put together a good football team. Now, I\'m asking a question that, if you believe in this team\'s management, and its ability to make good decisions, should be easy to answer.

saintz08 01-09-2003 01:57 PM

What does AB have?
I would not have bought it either .

Scott Mitchel had a strong arm too and lots of potential .

Andre Ware , same thing . Now the only thing referenced on him is Andre\'s Where ??

Brooks was special in 2000 , he was an uncharted back up and caught the world by surprise . Maddox is doing the same in Pittsburgh , Brady in New England and Bulger in St. Louis .

saintfan 01-09-2003 02:04 PM

What does AB have?
First, including Vick in your list of \"great\" QB\'s is ignorant. FYI he uses his feet because at this particular point in his career, as his coach will tell you, he\'s not good enough to read the defense yet. He bails...and if he doesn\'t stop soon he\'ll get himslef killed.

Brett Farve has stunk up more games than I can count trying to improvise. People overlook that because he\'s a proven winner. But he didn\'t win when it mattered last week did he? Maybe you think Green Bay should look for a new QB this offseason.

Didn\'t manning kinda stink it up last week. Maybe he can\'t step up and win the big game. Maybe the Colts will draft a replacement QB this April. After all, you\'re not a big fan of patience are ya? I\'m sure you think that\'d be a good move.

You didn\'t mention Tom Brady? Why not? Didn\'t he win the Superbowl last year? What happened to him?

You give Warner a break cause of his finger, but you won\'t cut Brooks any slack regarding an injury eh? hmmmm, now why is that WhoDat?

As you have been so quick to point out, defenses learn how to defend QB\'s over time, so the Jury is still out on some folks...the same way it will happen to them is the same way it would happen to your \"Golden Boy\", Jake.

Rare talent WhoDat...more than anything else I can say. That doesn\'t make him Joe Montana, but woldn\'t it be nice to see Brooks with the weapons Joe Had? Don\'t player hate baby. If you\'re in love with Jake it\'s ok to admit it. It takes all kinds to make a world.

WhoDat 01-09-2003 03:38 PM

What does AB have?
So far Gator, 08, and Saintfan have answered this post. These are three of the more intelligent people on this board. They post regularly, and as far as I can tell keep up with all Saints news.

Why is it that none of them has been able to give a straight answer?! Aaron Brooks has [BLANK]?! Fill in the blank. Anyone. Everyone. Just say, Aaron Brooks has this, and for these reasons he could be a great QB in the NFL.

Don\'t talk to me about Favre, Vick, Jake Delhomme, or anyone else. Talk about Brooks.


WhoDat 01-09-2003 04:31 PM

What does AB have?

Gator, you\'re my new freakin\' hero. OK, Gator says that Brooks:
1. Has a great arm
2. Is a good scrambler
3. Is tall
4. Is quick
5. Has escapability

If anyone thinks he is missing anything just shout them out any time. In the mean time I am going to move forward with these.

Let\'s start with number 1... how does a great arm help Aaron Brooks be a better quarterback in the NFL?

WhoDat 01-09-2003 04:50 PM

What does AB have?
Gator, I\'m not so sure that you do see my point. I agree with you about Brooks. I do not think Aaron\'s arm helps him.

Half the quarterbacks in the league or more are described as strong armed. But Brooks\' arm doesn\'t allow him to throw the touch pass. He uses it to force balls into places he shouldn\'t and throws off his back foot b/c he thinks his arm is strong enough to get the ball there.

My point, or I should say my own answer to the question, would be that Aaron\'s arm isn\'t going to make him into a great QB. A strong arm certainly doesn\'t hurt, but I\'d take touch over strength. So, the strong arm argument that everyone who says Aaron is going to be a superstar doesn\'t hold water for me. It doesn\'t elevate him beyond any average QB in the league. There are probably 100 guys who have stronger arms who aren\'t playing football. Just like there are 100 other guys as fast as the \"Beer man\" who aren\'t playing football.

In fact, a strong arm might hurt Brooks. He relies on it more than he should, he uses it as a crutch so he doesn\'t have to have touch, or make a good read, etc.

OK, what was next? He scrambles well. How does Aaron Brooks\' ability to scramble help this team and make him an above average QB in this league?

saintfan 01-09-2003 05:02 PM

What does AB have?
I\'m wondering why WhoDat can\'t listen to simple reason. Why does this fellow detest Mr. Brooks so much? What did he do to you WhoDat? Maybe we can talk to him and get him to stroke your ego some. Would that help you feel better?

You\'re obviously a wonderful judge of football talent too I might add. Tell me again why no NFL team has picked up on that? Tell me again why it is that men who likely have a collective total of more years of football experience than you\'ve been on this planet can be so wrong and you can be so right? Boy oh boy, you should bottle that stuff up and sell it.

WhoDat 01-09-2003 05:21 PM

What does AB have?
Listen Saintfan, I\'m trying to have a discussion. Not an argument, a discussion, on Aaron Brooks. I asked people, you especially, to list the attributes and skills that Aaron Brooks has that you believe makes him better than average, or gives him the potential to be. Now, I am trying to break down those points one by one.

PS - Sorry Gator, I\'m not coming after you I was just flustered. You know your sh-t, and whether we agree or disagree I respect your opinion.

See Saintfan. Gator can spell it out. In nice short simple sentences. You want to talk about everything but Brooks. I\'m asking you to talk about it. Gator listed some points, go from there. Convince me, point by point.

You tell me, why will a strong arm benefit Brooks? How will it make him better than average in years to come? It\'s a simple question that has a pretty obvious answer. I\'m setting myself up for a fall on this particular question just to prove a point that it appears you are unable to make.

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