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4saintspirit 01-12-2005 04:10 PM

J Harrington about to be released
The article below kinda puts it all in perspective. Seems like the same argument going on in this forum -- does AB have the intangibles to win the game or do we cut our losses now.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005
By Tom Kowalski
ALLEN PARK -- Quarterback Joey Harrington's career in Detroit might be over.
According to sources close to the situation, the Detroit Lions are considering releasing Harrington in late February, prior to paying him a scheduled $3 million roster bonus.
In addition to the bonus, Harrington will make nearly $5 million in salary for the 2005 season -- there has been heated debate within the Lions organization about whether to make the additional financial investment in Harrington.

According to several sources, Lions president Matt Millen wants to bring Harrington back but the team's offensive coaching staff wants to go in another direction. After Sherm Lewis was forced out of his offensive coordinator job one day after the regular season ended on Jan. 2, he wrote letters to Millen, team owner William Clay Ford and vice chairman Bill Ford Jr., stating that the Lions would never win with Harrington playing quarterback.
Lewis, who officially "retired" following the season, said Harrington didn't have the intangibles to be a winning quarterback in the NFL. Lewis' letter did not come as a surprise to anyone in the organization because he was never in Harrington's corner. Still, it shows the level of disagreement between the different factions. "

saintswhodi 01-12-2005 04:23 PM

J Harrington about to be released
So you mean they would be willing to part with a guy they picked 3rd in the draft? And we are arguing about a guy who was traded for a 3rd round pick? How satisfied with mediocrity are we? Jeez.

WhoDat 01-12-2005 04:33 PM

J Harrington about to be released

Hey - the Lions will be looking for a QB. 08? Trade Rumors? Dump Brooks for a 2nd maybe? Harrington, and Kitna could be signed for Brooks\' salary. Maybe make a play for Volek? Let the two we bring in plus Bouman battle it out... draft a QB? hehehe... Where\'s 08?

shadowdrinker 01-12-2005 04:33 PM

J Harrington about to be released
I really don\'t think they will let him go just yet...

and..I found this...

[Edited on 12/1/2005 by shadowdrinker]

saintswhodi 01-12-2005 04:38 PM

J Harrington about to be released
Good find shadow.

Danno 01-12-2005 05:00 PM

J Harrington about to be released
Thats odd. I thought he was progressing OK. Not at a Ben Rothlisburger pace but he\'s no Ryan Leaf either.

He has good upside. So he\'s a bit over-paid.

I\'d take a flyer on him. He\'d be an upgrade over Boumann

shadowdrinker 01-12-2005 05:08 PM

J Harrington about to be released
Dude..THEY\"RE NOT GETTING RID OF HIM...and..there is no roster bonus owed to stated previously...none of this is true...

4saintspirit 01-12-2005 05:23 PM

J Harrington about to be released
Sorry -- it was a legitimate article in a newspaper -- I was not trying to deceive anyone. Also -- How many times has something leaked out to the news and then the owner, coaches etc said it was absolutely not true -- 3 weeks later it was. But that was a good find shadow and I really didn\'t put the article out there for deception

shadowdrinker 01-12-2005 05:43 PM

J Harrington about to be released
Don\'t were doing what good fans do..finding stories..and posting them..

Tom Kowalski is doing his job..creating specualtion, by making up stories...

I just didn\'t want to see a 5 page long thread about trade possibilities between us and the Lions...when nothing is going to happen..kinda like what\'s happeneing right now with Howard trade talks..and the fact is..Howard is an UNRESTRICTED FREE AGENT..he\'s not even a Saint truth..And..The Team isn\'t going to sign him a huge bonus..then trade him away for a draft pick...But, It doesn\'t seem to slow trade talks...

saintswhodi 01-12-2005 06:25 PM

J Harrington about to be released
They just talked about the Harrington thing on PTI on ESPN so you scooped them 4saints. IT was still an interesting find and NOONE knows if it\'s true or untrue except the Lions. Why would they say it\'s true and downgrade a qb they may have to try and trade? If my o-ccordinator resigned and said that about a player generally perceived to have talent in the league, I would scream BS as well. That hurts trade value.

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