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smartguy34 01-09-2003 01:57 PM

Brooks not that good
Let me state that theer are about 20 quarterbacks that i woudl take over brooks. I iwll name them and you all will agree. These are quarterbacks who are better for our team now, not the future, but now (meaning i am not taking in to account there age), disregarding salary which is no big deal when you are talking about your quarterback.
Chad pennington, rich gannon, payton manning, Drew Bledsoe, Tom brady, Brian griese, tommy maddox, steve mcnair, Drew brees, tim couch, david carr, Brad Johnson, donovan mcnabb, jeff garcia, Brett favre, kerry collins, michael vick, Daunte culpepper, patrich ramsey, and joey harrington. You coudl put up an argument for about 8 of those names but so could i. Is brooks top five? hell no. Did he get snubbed for teh pro bowl? hell no. Shoudl we pay him top ten money? no. Case and point is that we coudl get somebody better for cheaper.

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