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BagHead 01-13-2005 09:40 PM

Bless you D, you'll be missed
You know, I'm not like most people. I didn't care for Buddy D. Yea I respected him. But over the years I've learned he cared and loved football but didn't know enough about the bussiness of football. Yea he knew the game. He knew if all was equal who would win. But Buddy would be the frist to say handy cap?????????? And that's the business of football. Forever I'll love Buddy, his show's were great. He was a lot of fun durning our bad times. But let's face it. He wanted Ditka???????? Hebert? (fair but not great) , the 3 stooges (bill k, jim m and tommy b)????? what? I love Buddy for what he was. Great, and I mean GREAT ENTERTAINMENT!! What you want real sports? Buddy could give it to you. Want to be entertianed? Buddy did it. Want to cry? BUDDY DID.

So Buddy when the "Aint's make the promise land" I'll wear a dress for you at the game. That's my word to you. Not the fans. I hope you see it.

I love you forever Buddy,

Your friend (and sometimes Cris's, see I did include you)


Halo 01-13-2005 10:04 PM

Bless you D, you'll be missed
Nice post and the sentiments of many fans. I too loved him and respected the hell out of what he had to say, he spoke for the little man, the people who purchased season tickets but have no voice in this world.

Even if he didn\'t pronounce it correctly, with Buddy he said our organizaiton wasn\'t perfect, our team had flaws and our city hasn\'t been the same in some time... but that doesn\'t mean we don\'t love the Saints or New Orleans or the State of Louisiana, and everyone loved watching the games on the weekend regardless. He was a true die hard.

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