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saintz08 07-29-2002 10:54 PM

Rather interesting report , Brooks walks out on to the practice field with Horn , with a smile on his face .

Twin discontents comparing notes ??? Did Horn set this up ???

How many Hall of Fame quarterbacks smiled after throwing interceptions and holding out from training camp ??? I personally can only remember one other quarterback who smiled after throwing interceptions Jim Everett .

Brooks may be talented but I am beginning to wonder if he has the fire to get this team to the next level ???

buzwa 07-29-2002 11:34 PM

I don\'t think there is anything up with Brooks and Horn. I do question whether Brooks is mature enough to lead a team though. I hope Delhomme gives hima run for his money and gets him to straighten up.

saintz08 07-30-2002 01:57 AM

88 men in training camp and Brooks walks out with Horn ???

Sargent Friday would have taken a second look at that one .

A common characteristic of great quarterbacks is they strive for perfection and are not content with failure . Not sure if I ever saw Marino or Elway smile after an interception . Remember Peyton running down to the receiver and pointing where he should have been after throwing an interception .

My guess is , that next year Delhomme is the starting quarterback in New Orleans .
3 reasons
1. Cap restraints - Resign Horn , Turley and others
2. If his greatness was beyond doubt , he would have already been signed .He may know that and that is why he held out .
3. The fact Delhomme is a local favorite , and is 50/50 as a starter will make it easier to do .

CTSaint 07-30-2002 01:44 PM

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