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shadowdrinker 01-14-2005 04:20 PM

Let's talk Playoffs...
Give me your predictions

Colts vs. Patriots - I like the Colts...I think if they score early..and they should..they can run the ball very well..setting up play action...and right now..I don't think any team can stop Manning if he gets his play action going..

Jets vs. Steelers - My upset pick...I take the Jets...and it's not Offense and Defense that will decide..this will be that game we see just about every year...where Special Teams wins the game in the Playoffs...

Rams vs. Falcons - Bulger isn't the best..but he's good enough..and with the recievers the Rams have..and the Experience they have on the Playoffs..they are my pick, I think Vick has always ben overrated, and again..if the rams can score fast..and they can..the run will take Atlanta's pass rush out of the spotlight...

Eagles vs Vikings - This is a hard one to decide...Ultimately..I take the Eagles..because the Vikings defense is still the same weak Defense that has slid through all year...last week they played pretty good..but not good enough to beat Philly...

Danno 01-14-2005 04:48 PM

Let's talk Playoffs...
I think the Colts destroy the Pats. Well maybe just by two scores. The Pats won\'t get away with the same ridiculous grabbing and holding they did last year. Colts in a romp...
Colts 27-16 (yes, beating the Pats by more than a TD is now considered a romp)

Steelers, and it won\'t even be close. It\'ll be over at halftime. Missing Abraham is gonna kill the Jets on D, and Penningtons bad arm will kill them on O. My second favorite team goes down in flames, yet again...
Steelers 31-17

The toss up game of the week. I think the Rams are more capable of laying an egg than the Falcons. Falcons score a ST TD, but Vick will make the difference and the Vick-worship will ascend to astronomical heights never before seen. I will vomit.
Falcons 31-27

Even without TO I think the Eagles pull away. The Vikes will choke, and choke, and choke. They blew their wad last week. I don\'t know whose celebration looks more pathetiic, Donavan doing the moonwalk, or Daunte doing that train-roll, limp wrist punch thing.

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FireVenturi 01-14-2005 05:22 PM

Let's talk Playoffs...
Colts 34
Patriots 31

Steelers 17
Jets 13

Falcons 40
Rams 34 OT

Vikings 27
Eagles 20


shadowdrinker 01-14-2005 05:52 PM

Let's talk Playoffs...
Think they\'ll all be that close??

mutineer10 01-14-2005 08:00 PM

Let's talk Playoffs...

Colts / Patriots - my gut tells me to take the Colts, but I think it\'ll be closer than some are predicting. The Pats are at home, where the weather is rotten and every call miraculously goes their way (remember that Raiders game a few years ago?). Bad weather and bad calls allow the champs to spoil Pey-day\'s hopes once again:
Patriots 31
Colts 27

Jets / Steelers - I never thought the Jets could beat the Chargers, and I\'ll sh** myself if they can get by the Steelers. Cowher\'s defense won\'t allow the candy-a** crap the Jets pulled on S.D. last week. Steelers kill \'em:
Steelers 27
Jets 10

Rams / Falcons - I wish they\'d both lose, but since that\'s not an option, I like the Rams. Vick implodes under the playoff pressure, while Bulger has a stellar game. Bye bye birdies:
Rams 34
Falcons 20

Vikings / Eagles - In one of the most bizarre playoff games in NFL history, both teams choke and choke, desperately trying to give the game to the other team. A brawl ensues when Moss wipes his arse with one of T.O.\'s crutches, resulting in numerous ejections. Jeff Blake (that\'s right) to Chad Lewis for the game winning TD:
Eagles 24
Vikings 21

And then the homo sapiens shall dance!!!

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