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Danno 01-20-2005 07:18 AM

TSN 1st Mock Draft
16. New Orleans Saints: Travis Johnson, DT, Fla St
Johnson is a quick, strong, hard hitter who can stop the run. He especially excels at penetrating the line.

Hmmm, A run stuffing DT. Could be just what we need if the top LB's are gone. It would also allow us to cut ties with that fat lazy piece of bulldog waste from UGA.

saintswhodi 01-20-2005 09:06 AM

TSN 1st Mock Draft
According to that draft, I also wouldn\'t be disappointed if we took Crowder, Davis, Brown, or even Mike Williams. Can you imagine Joe on one side and Mike Williams on the other with Donte in the slot? Not likely to happen and we DEFINITELY need defense and o-line more than anything, but wow.

turbo_dog 01-20-2005 02:56 PM

TSN 1st Mock Draft
How many times are we going to try that. Norman Hand, Grady Jackson, Jon Sullivan have all failed (at least here anyway). I think the guys we have played with more heart this season because they had something to prove. We really shouldn\'t use a no. 1 pick on a DT.

saintswhodi 01-20-2005 02:59 PM

TSN 1st Mock Draft
We can use a number one pick on a DT, just not one who has weight problem or low motivation in his bio like Sullivan had coming out of Georgia. We really just need to be more in depth with our scouting.

FrenzyFan 01-20-2005 03:11 PM

TSN 1st Mock Draft
I love mock drafts, probably because I have a great imagination. I can actually picture our picking a brutal, motivated, tough DT to play the two-gap. He solidifies our line, making running up the middle a problem for all our enemies.

His natural athleticism takes up two blockers every single down. This allows Grant, Young and Smith to create record breaking numbers of sacks for our Defense.

Teams can\'t pass on us, except for underneath routes. Teams can\'t run on us except around the edge. Our defensive planning becomes easy as we only have to account for these two vulnerabilities.

Our defense becomes dominant. Our offense continues to sputter, but manages to put up enough points to win us games. We win our division. We win the NFC. WE WIN THE SUPER BOWL!

I call all my old army buddies and finally get the vindication for all the ridicule I endured during my tours for being a Saints fan.

At last..... AT LAST...

Like I said, great imagination.

FireVenturi 01-20-2005 03:49 PM

TSN 1st Mock Draft
Actually this is the best mock i have seen far as our pick i am not sold on another D-lineman but it wouldn\'t surprise me

papz 01-20-2005 05:04 PM

TSN 1st Mock Draft
This draft is so deep that that can draft any defensive player and be considered winners. Johnson is a very VERY good defensive tackle and we can always get a quality corner or linebacker in the second round, vice versa. I honestly don\'t think we can go wrong. I\'m a Brian Young fan but remember he is a undersized tackle. Just imagine of we draft a guy like Johnson ( I swear this guy is a beast! ), and Sullivan decides to have a change of attitude and heart, geez that\'s a pretty big and nasty front four. Any we will still have young and Howard Green giving the Saints a pretty good defensive tackle rotation. I\'m all for it, but is Sullivan?! :o Just don\'t give up on him yet, you never know.

FireVenturi 01-20-2005 06:00 PM

TSN 1st Mock Draft

I all for a first Round DT, just not crazy about Haslett and Loomis picking who it is.
with the 16th pick the new orleans saints select.....a fat guy from uga whose strength is eating and weakness is playing football! :whip:

TheJudge 01-20-2005 08:21 PM

TSN 1st Mock Draft
o god, if we get another defensive lineman with the first pick i am going to puke...

saintsfan200 01-20-2005 10:15 PM

TSN 1st Mock Draft
I\'d like to see us go LB or OT. DTs are very difficult to get right. I forget who wrote it but I remember an article saying something like since like 2000 when teams starting drafting DTs heavy in the first round only 1 first rounder has gone to the pro-bowl. I think the one is Richard Seymour from NE. The article was like a year old, so that might have changed. I still think the basic principle still applies though. That being it is difficult to scout the DT position.

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