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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Scotty, I KNOW it\'s unfair, to Daunte to even be put in that category. AB is not even on his level, and from what he has shown never will be. What I have a problem with is when people discredit ...

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QB only

Scotty, I KNOW it\'s unfair, to Daunte to even be put in that category. AB is not even on his level, and from what he has shown never will be. What I have a problem with is when people discredit other very good players just cause they aren\'t in Black and Gold. That\'s just jealousy. I am willing to bet the majority of the people on this board would take Daunte over AB and NEVER look back.

Also stats were used, cause Joe is fond of putting out there the numbers AB has put up as our qb. Since he didn\'t think Daunte was better, I was showing him how Daunte\'s number dominated AB\'s. I also mentioned Daunte\'s character and playoff wins.
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QB only

Exactly. It\'s all AB\'s fault we haven\'t been to the playoffs.
Well, I am glad to see that you finally admit it...j/k. I am tired of this argument, and this will be my last post on this thread. You keep going back to fixing the defense, and it is possible that if our defense got better that maybe we could\'ve made it to the playoffs. It is also entirely possible that if we fix the offense, that maybe the defense would be better. How many points did we score in the first quarter this year? (rhetorical comment, requires no answer) How many three- and-outs did we have in the first quarter. (Again, rhetorical) By the time the offense decided to get into the game, many times it was much too late. Again, there is always an excuse, but excuses are starting to wear pretty thin on me, and it seems that over the course of the last five years we have tried to fix everything but the QB position. Wasn\'t our first round pick last year a defensive player, and didn\'t we get rid of yet another QB prospect to bring in even more defensive help?(ditto) My final comment in this thread is that AB has done nothing to merit us continuously trotting him out there, and continuously year after year coming up short. He does have raw talent, and shows flashes of brilliance, but in crunch time he just always seems to come up short. His egotistical nature makes him a most unlikeable character, not only to the fans, but I would assume to his fellow teammates So I personally cannot see one good reason to keep this guy, and would welcome a change at that position. Being a Saint fan, I have become accustom to failure, so I am not afraid of it. At the same time, it is hard for me to accept that we are failing and not trying to do anything to prevent it. Now, you go ahead and post your final comment, and you can have the last word, because I really don\'t care that much that I would waste so much time arguing. I tried to end this debate a long time ago, but you were not content with me saying let\'s just agree to disagree...you wanted to keep it going. I will no longer accomodate you. Now, go ahead an have your last word and let\'s be done with it.

Whether you think you can or think you can't...you're right!
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QB only

Anybody that looks at the Saints and determines the main problem is something other than defense, in my opinion, ain\'t lookin\'.
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QB only

Saints LB

Sure Eli will except all of the blame its what rookie QB\'s do because on most teams the rookie QB is the problem for the time being, he can\'t blame anybody else, Payton also was humble, he had no choice Payton threw like 110 freaking int\'s his first year as a starter, main reason I don\'t want no rookie QB .
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QB only

Now, LB, you know you coulda stopped anytime time. Agreeing to disagree gets us no where. If we all did that on every issue, we\'d just sit here and stare at blank screens all day.

I, for one, think we did a pretty good job of trying to get our arguments across and even though it was lengthy and tedious at times, I enjoyed it.

So, no. As far as our discussion, I\'ll let your words be the last. Let it be my gesture to you that during a debate I\'m going to be 100% into it and after hope we can be buds or friends or whatever moniker your geezer generation has for this. Ever had a friend you could brawl with and the 15 minutes later while you\'re bruised and bleeding, you can laugh about it. That\'s how I like to finish things.

We are, after all, kindred in our bewildering love for this team!
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QB only

LongTime, Favre, Vick, McNabb, Peyton all accept blame when they mess up. They aren\'t rookies. Aikman, Marino and Elway did also. Hall of Famers. It\'s not just up to a rookie to accept blame, it is up to ANY QB who wants to gain the respect of the team, at least when they make a mistake. But to never admit blame and deflect it to teammates, well I guess you are saying that is the right of a veteran, whether he has done anything in the NFL or not. I disagree.

And the Giants were 4-12 last year WITHOUT Eli, hardly his fault they stick, whether he accepts blame or not.
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