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ScottyRo 01-27-2005 05:46 PM

The Ricky Awards

The RICKY: an award for Jerks? Here are some of the better and Saints related paragraphs...

Ricky Williams, of course. You can't have a Ricky without The Man himself. After weeks of legal maneuvering, Williams was cleared to return to football only to decide he's happier studying holistic medicine in California. "I have to conclude his career is over," said attorney David Cornwell. Nick Saban doesn't. Shortly after taking over as the Dolphins' head coach he asked at least two players if they were open to a Ricky return. It must be the sun.

Miami's Nick Saban for throwing the Dolphins' media out of the media room. When the team made the announcement, Saban was in Louisiana signing copies of his new book How Good Do You Want to Be? Don't ask the Miami media. The move, said a team spokesman, "will allow us to get accurate information to our fans." There was no word on how Saban plans to get accurate passes to his receivers.

New Orleans special teams captain Steve Gleason for punching Carolina's Kemp Rasmussen in the groin near the end of the first half of a loss to the Panthers. Gleason was ejected. "There's no justification for what I did," he said. "I apologize to everyone. I'm pretty sick about it." Imagine how Rasmussen felt.

New Orleans owner Tom Benson who, after watching his Saints lose 34-13 to Denver, said, "They looked like high-school kids. That's the worst performance I've seen from our club in my 20 years of owning them." The Saints went on to win their last four, then chanted "high school, high school" after beating Carolina in the season finale. On second thought, maybe this is the spot for Dennis Erickson.

St. Louis tackle Kyle Turley for taking judge Mays' advice and confronting the one person he believed deserved to be confronted -- Rams coach Mike Martz. Turley didn't like what Martz had to say about him in the papers, so he decided to set the record straight. Only he did it at Rams Park in a meeting that degenerated so quickly that Turley shouted obscenities at the head coach and Martz called for security. Good thing he didn't call for his defense.

Mike Martz for his cryptic response when asked why Steven Jackson didn't play in a loss to Arizona. "I don't know," he said. "How can I know? How can I call plays and do all that stuff and watch the defense? I just don't concern myself with that." Memo to Mike: We're ready for your 3 o'clock appointment with Dr. Belichick.

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