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WhoDat 01-13-2003 08:34 AM

What is going on here? The coaching staff keeps telling everyone ti be patient. They say that Brooks will come around given time. They say that they had a "two year" plan at the beginning of this season, and didn't expect to put it all together until the up-coming 2003 season. Patience people, everything will be OK...

However, at the same time they are quickly trying to usher out Sammy Knight, Kyle Turley, and a lot of other players. Was Knight not a Pro Bowler last year? Did I miss something? The defense has a bad year, he has an off year, and we're quickly trying to get rid of him?

I remember everyone screaming for the last two years when Turley didn't make the Pro Bowl. Everyone said it was BS, that other players felt he was dirty and that's the reason why he didn't go. Now, this past season his play was average. Well, he did switch positions, right? And he's upset about the team's performance, and is quick to let everyone who about it... and that's supposed to be a bad thing? A guy who gets upset when the team tanks is BAD? Ah, wait, I forgot who the Head Coach was for a second.

Seriously, what the hell is going on? I don't understand why I'mm supposed to be patient with Brooks and Haslett and Venturi if proven veterans, that have been with this team through thick and thin get shipped out when they don't perform like Pro Bowlers.

saintfan 01-13-2003 09:28 AM

Check the Record WhoDat. Turley was offered a contract earlier this year that would have made him one of the highest paid Linemen in the NFL. He, I repeat HE chose to decline the offer.

No signing Sammy (who I\'d dearly love to keep) is a choice. He\'s gonna want too much money man. I think the Saints would rather take that money and spread it around a little bit in an effort to upgrade the defense. We\'re not trying to \"get rid of him\". HE, I repeat HE is testing the FA waters to get more money.

WhoDat 01-13-2003 09:53 AM

True, Turley probably wants too much money. True, Knight will be a salary cap casualty. I know these things. I know that every team does this. It just seems that we tend to do it with the wrong people.

I mean, we gave Brooks a $36 million dollar contract with a pretty large signing bonus. To date, and I stress TO DATE, that looks like a mistake. Last year, we didn\'t resign Glover b/c he wanted too much money for a \"guy who couldn\'t stop the run.\" Joe Johnson up and left because he was unhappy. No big deal, we used that money to revamp the offensive line, sign some rookies, and go get Grady Jackson and Jerome Pathon, our \"big name\" free agents. Did it pan out?

That\'s debatable, but I\'d say we got the short end of the stick. Hey, I thought the line played OK, but everyone else is saying that they were not very good. Glover went back to the Pro Bowl. Joe Johnson is still solid. You add those guys back at the cost of guys like Pathon and Jackson... I think the Saints are better off.

I\'m just saying that they\'re letting go of some good players... again. They better go out and replace them with guys that will make a bigger impact this year, b/c this past year ended up being a little bit of a bust, even though I like our rookies.

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