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FireVenturi 01-29-2005 05:58 PM

My !st four rounds
1.Travis Johnson-Dt-Fsu....I know another D-lineman , but he is a beast and has a great work ethic and after DJ the Lb field is weak
2.Adam Terry-T-Syracuse...BTR, which means better than Riley
3.Kirk Morrison-Lb-San Diego St...very athletic and is a tackling machine
4.Nichols-K-Ole Miss...Carney is losing range even though he stil has his accuracy...Think is time for a change at K.

papz 01-29-2005 06:32 PM

My !st four rounds
I absolutely agree with drafting a kicker. I honestly believe Tim Nugent is the next great kicker. Not only can he constantly deliver touchbacks, but he as has one of the most accurate legs I\'ve EVER seen. He definately is worthy of a high round pick. I haven\'t seen Nichols kick but we do need a new kicker.

I like your first 2 picks, I don\'t know about Morrison or Nichols. I think a corner should be one of those 2 picks.

baronm 01-29-2005 07:19 PM

My !st four rounds
I\'d rather have peterson or cody if we go DT and I think that either one could be picked up with a second rounder...

I think in the later rounds we need to go-qb, rb...

I\'m thinking first: LB/s--either davis or johnson
second: dt, that kicker that everyone is crowing about or T
third-corner back-watson will probably be there-=carlos rodgers may be as well.
everything-athlete (i\'m really like the cb out of vandy, and moats..who I think everyone will pass on..but could be a great return specialist/backup rb for us.

I don\'t want to go cb in the draft unless it\'s pac man or rodgers--everyone else is iffy..and I\'d rather get smoot to fill the cb position and focus on the safeties, linebacker and linemen in the well as get a legit backup rb and qb--i think alot of these are gonna fall in the draft and we could get a good one at either position.

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BrooksMustGo 01-29-2005 08:12 PM

My !st four rounds
Since I don\'t think we\'ll do much of anything in free agency, here\'s some draft picks that wouldn\'t surprise me much. I\'ll put in an optional \"surprise\" pick.

1. Anttaj Hawthorne, DT, Wisconsin--The Sullivan offseason experiment won\'t go well. So we continue the Haslett tradition of drafting a defensive lineman in the first round.

-----\"Suprise\" pick--Ronnie Brown, RB, Auburn--Hazlett pulls a Ricky Williams maneuver on Deuce.

2. Andrew Whitworth, OT, LSU--Haslett throws a bone to the homers and plugs in a RT.

-----\"Surprise\" pick--Troy Williamson, WR, South Carolina--Haslett picks a 6\'2\" who can run a 4.35 to replace Pathon and give Stallworth competition. I\'m betting that Henderson won\'t be ready to start this season.

3. Fred Gibson, WR, Georgia--6\'4\" and a workout warrior, Haslett starts looking towards Horn\'s replacement here.

-----\"Surprise\" pick--Jason Campbell, QB, Auburn--doubt he really lasts this long, but if he\'s there, Haslett takes him to bring in a Brooks type player to light a fire under Brooks. I wouldn\'t be a bit surprised to see David Greene picked here either.

4. Roger Cooper, OLB, Montana St--I think LB gets overlooked as a priority again this year. I think we sign another Ruff, Cox type free agent to provide, \"veteran leadership\" for the young guys we have there now. Cooper comes in to be a camp body.

-----\"Surprise\" pick--James Butler, S, Georgia Tech--a prospect player with lots of upside, pretty good in coverage. I think he would be a surprise because I expect Haslett to make some sort of, \"I like our secondary with the addition of MM\" statement.

baronm 01-29-2005 08:35 PM

My !st four rounds

Suprise\" pick--Ronnie Brown, RB, Auburn--Hazlett pulls a Ricky Williams maneuver on Deuce
I could see this too..and btw brown would be an upgrade-and I like duece.

I would like to trade howard and get more picks. I also would like to draft frye in the 2nd or 3rd round.

If we could grab a decent qb in the 2/3 I\'d be willing to trade brooks for picks as well.

think dallas would trade henson and the 20th for howard?

papz 01-29-2005 09:09 PM

My !st four rounds
Very nice suprise pick in the first round... I\'ve been thinking about that for the past couple of weeks. Busting a Deuce/Ricky because he is asking for a hefty contract extension. But this draft is very deep for running backs so it would be wise to wait til the later rounds and fill our need positions. I think a receiver like Gibson or his team mate would be good for us in the third round. Perfect decision and good thinking. Butler makes more sense than Cooper and he has loads of potential. Someone who could contribute on special teams right away.

I really am not a big fan of Anttaj Hawthorne, I like Travis Johnson better. But like I\'ve said thousands of times before... goodness this is a deep draft. Just preference on who they personally like better. I don\'t think we can go wrong either way. Nice list and it was well thought out, I\'m impressed. ;)

Euphoria 01-31-2005 11:14 AM

My !st four rounds
Adam Terry is going to be a first rounder... he won\'t be there in the second round. He is someone I think we should grap at 16.

LKelley67 01-31-2005 12:10 PM

My !st four rounds
i thought this was some interesting commentary from one board having hawthorne as the NO first pick-

He becomes a great fit for the New Orleans Saints because of his size and ability to reach the QB. A common criticism of the Saints organization is that they do not motivate their players to stay in shape (i.e. Jonathon Sullivan). However, Hawthorne is a great locker room presense and is very self-motivated in the weight room. The Saints fill their largest defensive need of the season in round one.

baronm 01-31-2005 12:21 PM

My !st four rounds
hey man--why hit the weights when you can hit st. charles ave?

saintsfan200 01-31-2005 01:20 PM

My !st four rounds
Anyone who follows college FB remember Adrian Mcpherson(QB Florida St.- disrolled amid gambling charges). I don\'t know much about him, but the more I read the more I like him.

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