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rusta 01-30-2005 08:31 AM

Rod Gardner please!!!!!
hi all, been quite a while since i have been able to surf bng since i started back to school full time while still holding down a job and family but anyway

the skins have given rod gardner permission to seek a trade, i know the saints have needs slightly more pressing than WR but they really need to jump on this guy

lving in the DC area i have the unfortunate pleasure of being dragged to skins games and gardner is actually a pretty damn good wideout, probably the best one the skins have, his numbers don't show it due to the fact that the skins don't have a clue offensively and gibbs likes to run run run

he has better hands than pathon (to all of the old timers, i apoligize for the pathon vs horn argument at the beginning of the year, i was wrong) or stallworth, having gardner would be a legitamate no2 threat which should open up stallworth in the slot vs LB's and safeties, i know we tried that this year but gardner would comand much more respect than pathon by opposing D's

they are asking for a 2 rounder and in this year's draft class i don't think there is anything to be had in the second round that would be better decision than gardner who still relatively young

ScottyRo 01-30-2005 09:45 AM

Rod Gardner please!!!!!
That\'d be an interesting acquisition, but my major concern would be spending 2nd round picks on WR position in consecutive years. I don\'t know too much about Gardner, but I see our need as being for a possession WR. Is he that kind of player?

papz 01-30-2005 11:40 AM

Rod Gardner please!!!!!
He is more of a down the field threat and does not have the greatest hands. Although he does have better hands than Stallworth and would be an improvement over Pathon. He was a former first rounder and had one pretty good year before he got into the doghouse over there. But as far as a second rounder, I would say no. Deep draft and we can easily draft a guy with first round talent in the second round. I would agree a 3rd rounder though because he does a around a 2mil plus salary. Washington will get some cap relief and a 3rd rounder(deep draft, will get a good player with it) and the Saints will have a complement to Horn.

shadowdrinker 01-30-2005 06:05 PM

Rod Gardner please!!!!!
We are well enough at wide out..

Focus on the Defense...make our weakest points stronger..before trying to accentuate the stronger spots..

LongTimeFan 01-30-2005 07:18 PM

Rod Gardner please!!!!!
I like our chances with the receivers we have now, wouldn\'t mind Stokley though if it was a good deal for the Saints but that too would kill a draft choice for us

FireVenturi 01-30-2005 08:31 PM

Rod Gardner please!!!!!
No thanks we have Horn, Donte, jerome, Devery, M lewis, T gardner. We are pretty set at Wr. Concentrate on OT, DT, and LB!

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