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GumboBC 01-31-2005 10:52 AM

Evaluating our offense
Some Saints' fans seem to be under the impression that our offense is this extremely talented squad.

But- is it?

Let's look and see...


Deuce- One of the best backs in the league. When he is healthy. That wasn't the case this year as we ranked 26th in the NFL in rushing. Still, we're in good shape here as long as Decue stays healthy. Stecker is more of a 3rd down back who hasn't proven he can carry the load if Deuce is injured for a prolonged period of time.


Joe Horn: Proven #1 receiver. Makes clutch catches and makes big plays. However, Horn is not in the "elite" catorgory such as a Terrell Owens or Randy Moss. Horn is definately one of the top 10 or 15 receivers in the game, IMO.

Donte' Stallworth: Has big play potential. Still very raw as a receiever even though he's been in the league for 3 years. Mainly due to the fact he was injured for the better part of his first 2 seasons. Has trouble holding on to the ball and seems to disappear in many games. But he is improving as a #2 receiever.

Pathon: Solid number 3 receiver. Nothing spectacular. Then again, not many # 3 receivers are game changers.

Offensive line:

Gandy: Showing signs of age...big time. No longer able to get it done. Tries to come of the ball too qucikly to compensate for his slow legs, thus, drawing too many offside penalties.

Victor Riley: Has the size but not the speed. Not a smart player who doesn't seem to have the motivation. Leads all NFL linemen for false start penalties.

Le Charles Bentley: Probowl guard who was moved to center where he really struggled. Got better as the season went on but was only average then.

The rest of the offensive linemen are hardly above average. Montre Holland seems to be a good at run blocking but really struggles in pass protection.

Though many Saints fans might think we have all this talent on offense, I just don't see it as that talented. We have some great speed at some postions, but I don't know that we have great players.

There's great potential...

While Brooks has his problems, I don't think he's the one holding this potential back.

Maybe coaching is the problem? Maybe the players just aren't that good. I don't know. But I do know this "potential" isn't doing too much.

baronm 01-31-2005 10:56 AM

Evaluating our offense
i agree about bentley-he needs to go back to guard where he excelled.

duece has always been injured-I think they can get a good rb in the lower rounds of the draft to be a backup..I would love to team duece up with rudy johnson..but i doubt that\'s happening. I think we could have 2 100 yard rushers.

you forgot:

Brooks-who would\'ve been benched a while back on most teams. is highly inconsistent and is a rally killer who seems cares more about his own stats than his teams success.

saintswhodi 01-31-2005 10:59 AM

Evaluating our offense

The departure of Mike McCarthy has caused several rumors that the Saints may indeed be willing to look elsewhere for answers to their quarterback position. Brooks has had his good times and bad while in New Orleans, but with McCarthy, rumored to be his biggest supporter, now having left New Orleans, it appears that Brooks could be close to being shipped out. This would all depend on what other teams would offer for the young quarterback; however, the reality of this happening appears more likely than in any recent years. Perhaps another key deciding factor to any trades that may evolve would be whether or not the Saints could get a quality quarterback to step in. Rumors have the Saints are showing interest in free agent quarterback Kurt Warner and showing an early interest in the San Diego quarterback situation. Several sources are reporting that two major factors that played into McCarthy’s decision to leave were the recent criticism he had received for the offense’s underachieving this season along with the possibility of losing Brooks. McCarthy likes to run a west coast style offense and if the Saints were to go with a quarterback who is more of a pocket passer than a mobile threat, then it would not likely blend well with McCarthy’s style of play.
From the front page article here. Seems the Saints aren\'t as sold on Brooks as even you. Should we trust their opinion Gumbo?

saintswhodi 01-31-2005 11:00 AM

Evaluating our offense
Nic epost baron. gumbo OFTEN forgets ANY criticism of AB. The world has it out for AB, and some on this board started the conspiracy and have poisoned the minds of the national media, and apparently some within this very organization. How diabolical.

LKelley67 01-31-2005 11:02 AM

Evaluating our offense
and TEs

conwell good clubhouse presence but diminishing skills. boo dropped a lotta balls it looked like to me. he\'s still much more potential than production. hilton looks like a decent developing project.

LKelley67 01-31-2005 11:08 AM

Evaluating our offense
also, pathon is a goner unless signing a friendlier contract. so joe, stallworth, and (gulp) devery-talman-beerman.

the line sure went from strength to less than mediocre fast. or was it fat as in riley\'s case?

GumboBC 01-31-2005 11:21 AM

Evaluating our offense
I didn\'t want to make this about Brooks. Seems there\'s many threads already devoted to that subject.

saintswhodi 01-31-2005 11:37 AM

Evaluating our offense
QB is a position on the offense, unfortunately for us.

FireVenturi 01-31-2005 12:01 PM

Evaluating our offense
Get involved in the SD situation would be fine by me, but if we bring in Kurt Warner to replace Ab...well that would stink!!!!!!

FireVenturi 01-31-2005 12:03 PM

Evaluating our offense
Ab for Julian Petersen straight-up(b wit Mcarthy) and Howard for Brees straight up!

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