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progress 01-14-2003 10:37 PM

Turley trade?
I've been reading about the possibility of Turley being traded so that we can get something for him now instead of nothing for him after his contract runs out, but who would take his place? I know we extended Riley's contract, but he played like crap when Bentley was hurt and I can't imagine Folau going up against Simeon Rice (assuming he would move to left tackle, which is where he played before he came here).
I know points can be made for both situations. However, I think we should not trade Turley. In a league where any team (except the bengals) can win in any given year we can't afford to spend another high draft pick on an offensive lineman to replace Turley, especially if we have to draft/sign a guard to replace bentley when he moves to center (I do believe that fontenot is gone as soon as Turley leaves). I say let Turley play out his contract, and if Haslett and the coaching staff do what they are payed to do and fix this late season slump B.S., then Turley will stay in New Orleans anyway.

WhoDat 01-15-2003 08:24 AM

Turley trade?
The problem is that the Saints offered him a contract that would have made him the 10th highest paid tackle or lineman or whatever in the league. He turned it down and said he wanted to be the third highest paid. They offered him a contract to that extent. He turned that down too. I don\'t think Turley wants to stay. Yes, he will be here for at least one more year if we keep him, but that\'s probably it. So, I can totally understand why they want to trade him to a team like the Texans and try to get the 3rd overall pick in the draft. Either way, we will need to go find another left tackle. The issue is this year or next year.

JOESAM2002 01-15-2003 12:14 PM

Turley trade?
Good point Gatorman, that\'s what i\'m afraid of. With the attitude he\'s had of late he might just go through the motions of playing. I agree, if he wants out, let him go, and at least get something for him. I like Turley but it seems like he\'s made up his mind to leave.

SycoSurfer 01-15-2003 05:54 PM

Turley trade?
I know a coach that was/is in the organization who I dont want to put out there as saying this so I will just leave it at that..., but he said that last years colapse was mostly based on Turleys attitude. Member the off week cause of 9-11 and we were supposed to go scrimmage Pittsburg? Well Turley supposedly blew up in the locker room throwing stuff and yelling that he wasnt gonna go to Pittsburg on his week off. I think that was where the line was drawn. Turley lost the coaches that loved his fire cause now he was against them. This coach also said that Turley is a very selfish guy. He is more me me me than a team player.
That being said I think Turley is pissed off AB keeps making him look bad with all the sacks he gives up trying to block for AB while he holds the ball forever or decides he wants to drop back instead of step up in the pocket.
Maybe a side note but sumthing to think about Turley is kinda like a surfer dude party guy. Now NO can party with the best of them, but you every try to surf in the Gulf? The water is nasty and the waves arent that good. Im not sure if that means much to him, but could be just sumthing that brings him back to a coast. San Diego State isnt known for there GREAT football teams (MY fav. college team unfortunately) so why did Turley go there instead of a major team say UCLA or USC? Maybe he wants to go back to San Diego. I lived down there and its a pretty nice place. Great weather hardly rains laid back... maybe the city isnt for everyone. I know I\'d rather be in a laid back town than a major busy city.

WhoDat 01-15-2003 06:55 PM

Turley trade?
The rumor that I\'ve heard that I give the most credit to is that Haslett really wants Brooks to be the leader of the team. However, Brooks is scared of Turley and so he never really takes charge while Turley is around. It\'s fairly obvious to me that Turley and Brooks don\'t get along real well after all the crap that was said at the end of the season. Anyway, you know what happens when somebody doesn\'t play nice with Brooks. Papa Haslett gets rid of the bully. They are apparently getting rid of Turley so that Brooks can take the reigns as a leader... yeah, that will work out well for us I\'m sure.

lumm0x 01-15-2003 11:10 PM

Turley trade?
You know it seems to me that Turley is taking alot of heat for speaking his mind and living his life with his emotions on his sleeve. To me I\'d rather have someone say it like it is than beat around the bush. Too many Saints throughout the years, Haslett and Brooks are the current examples, sugar coat topics and avoid the fire. Turley sells out on the field, stands up for his team, and lets them know when they\'re not rowing the boat. He could be the real leader of this team. Too bad he probably won\'t get the chance.

When he let us down against the Jets for losing his cool after stopping Brooks from getting pop-canned by Damien Robinson, what did his team do....fined him and sent him to anger management. What a joke. You know what a team does, they say Kyle was sticking up for his quarter back and the next guy that tries that crap gets the same thing, and as his coach I\'d bonus him for it. Maybe we can trade Turley and get a prancing towel boy for Brooks to \"lead us to the promised land\". One who will be comfortable getting a bum rap for giving up sacks when Brooks fades so deep into the pocket he moves into the outside pass rush that has been textbook played so wide and deep it should be a non-factor.

Good luck in the Pro Bowl with your new team Kyle.

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