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Saint_LB 01-31-2005 09:07 PM

Apologies and farewell
Guys, I would like to start out by apologizing for bringing negativity and grumpiness to this forum. I use to go to another forum on the Saint web site, where I was just one of many to post negativity, humor, frustration, and anger. For some reason to which I still have not gotten an answer to that site was closed down. It took me a while to find another outlet for my frustration, but, unfortunately for you guys, I ended up here. It has finally dawned on me that I don't really belong here, because most of you guys are young enough to be my sons. (BTW, Scotty, I am not quite ready for SS yet, and do hold down a full-time job. I repair CT scanners for a living, and still have about 11 years before I will be eligible for SS, and by that time it probably won't even be around). Another reason I don't belong here is because I have followed the Saints every year, religiously, since Gilliam ran back that opening kick-off back in '67 against the Rams. I have endured the whole thing, and, consequently, have become quite bitter. However, that is no reason to take it out on you guys, and I have no business coming in here and critisizing your threads or your comments. I hope, for the sake of you young guys, that you don't reach the age of 51 with only one playoff win to show for it. If you do, then maybe you will look back and say, "Damn, I see what was bugging that guy, now." As it is, you are young and optimistic, and there is not one darn thing wrong with that. I may be old, but I am not so old that I can't remember what it was like to think that next year will be different. My problem is that I have now come to the conclusion that there never is going to be a next year, at least, not in my lifetime. I hope I am wrong, and I can't speak for everyone my age, but at some point in time I took the rose colored glasses off and put them away. Now, I can't remember where I put them. For your sake, I hope your future will be brighter. So, farewell, it has been real.

ScottyRo 01-31-2005 09:17 PM

Apologies and farewell
Good Lord, Man. If you think you\'re the only negative guy on this board, you haven\'t been hanging around enough. Just wait til WhoDat gets in one of his moods then you\'ll see some negativity.

Anyway, we\'ve been pretty hard on eachother and I\'d hate to think that some of my quips would contribute to you leaving. We are a pretty tightknit family here - even Billy. AS I said at the end of our marathon debate, I like to think of us as guys that can brawl for a while, then when we\'re bruised and bleeding laugh about - because we\'re kindred spirits in our suffering.

I have no pecuniary interest in this forum so you\'re contribution to it or not doesn\'t affect me except that I hate to see people think that they\'re not welcome.

I\'m not begging you to stay, but don\'t leave confused about why you\'re leaving. If it\'s best for you, then c\'ya.

saintswhodi 01-31-2005 09:33 PM

Apologies and farewell
Dude LB, seriously, I like your posts. I know your frustration, cause I have been close to it. Gumbo is Gumbo, and he lives to get under people\'s skins, he even said it. You should NEVER let what he says get to you ever, chances are in the next thread he will have the opposite opinion.

Also, I value your knowledge of the team cause you have seen tham for many years. I am negative of this team also, well mainly AB, but that\'s cause I have seen winning teams, and choose not to ignore them cause they aren\'t us. I bring that negativity, but I also praise players when they do well. I have even praised AB for at least a game this year. But without a ying, there can\'t be a yang. If everyone on here posted the same rosey sunshiney stuff, why would you come? Stay man, get it off your chest. For as long as you have been a fan, you deserve it. You are more than welcome to be here, as I hope we all are, whether you disagree with someone or not.

LKelley67 01-31-2005 09:38 PM

Apologies and farewell
yup, hate to see ya leave. i have enjoyed your posts myself. hey, i need someone as old as myself here. i remember anticipating how great of a qb cuozzo was gonna be. (not a bad dentist i hear) there is a legacy here like a chicago cubs... one day. maybe.

BrooksMustGo 01-31-2005 09:57 PM

Apologies and farewell

Good Lord, Man. If you think you\'re the only negative guy on this board, you haven\'t been hanging around enough. Just wait til WhoDat gets in one of his moods then you\'ll see some negativity.
CLEARLY ;) LB hasn\'t been around for one of those. But in fairness, I don\'t think we\'re due for a round of WhoDat funk until we sit on our hands through free agency again.

Hate to see you go man, us old guys have to stick together.

LongTimeFan 01-31-2005 10:00 PM

Apologies and farewell
I\'m only just began to post here and have enjoyed some of your post, I have been reading for some time but would never post or reply because I wasn\'t sure how some of you would respond, I see comments here that I don\'t agree with and I know there are some who don\'t argree with my comments, it\'s what makes this and other pages fun, if we all agreed on everything I don\'t think that most of us would come here 7 days a week to read others post and comments, hang around, enjoy other Saints fans views and thoughts on the Saints,
if you decide that this isn\'t the place for you I think most would understand.
I have only been here a few days and already found out that most don\'t agree on much, I hope it stays that way

saintswhodi 01-31-2005 10:08 PM

Apologies and farewell
Exactly right LongTime.

papz 01-31-2005 11:38 PM

Apologies and farewell
Haha, the fun part about this forum is people disagreeing. It\'s also nice to read about how someone else view things. Makes for good conversation and you actually get to know the other person also. This is probably the second week posting and I enjoy it a lot. From the short time, I\'ve learned that Saintswhoadi loves Jason Campbell. ;) It\'s all fun man, don\'t let things get to you so easy. Me and shadowdrinker debate each other all the time, it\'s fun!

Besides when you get home from work, class, or whatever you are doing, I find it relaxing to talk about football. And what better place to do it than here. Surfing,, blah blah can get pretty boring. You can\'t share you insight and have to accept theirs. Hope ya change your mind....

shadowdrinker 02-01-2005 12:11 AM

Apologies and farewell
Wrong papz...I state fact..and you struggle to accept it..


I\'m serious..

Lb..I felt the same was a few months ago..I did leave...and forgot my password..hence my low post numbers... guys..for all our mockery of footbal right vs wrong..are really..true fans...and we are all right and wrong at the same time bro..really..I have been a disciple..for 20 years now..cuz you can\'t just be a fan of this team..and..try as hard as you can\'t turn back all of us..are trapped in an abusive..dominating relationship...( some may be just now realizing this..for the first time)...

You got the love know you want to be in that number..when the Saints go marching L.A.....hahaha

It\'s the team man..they got you down..they got all of us down...

If you must take a break..I completly understand...Be back for the Draft though man...We\'ll leave the light on for ya..

JKool 02-01-2005 02:53 AM

Apologies and farewell
LB, nice post.

I\'m not gonna lie to ya bud: when you first came here I thought you were pretty darned negative and mostly a j--kazz. However, I\'ve very much enjoyed some of your more recent posts. If you go, I\'ll say thanks for the insights, sorry to see you go. I hope you\'ll consider staying.

One thing I\'d like to say is this: too many guys post stuff that it seems to me to be obviously directed at the other guy\'s intelligence, character, or genearl sanity. That has no place here.

I think, personally, it is totally ok to be negative about this team (how could one not be at least some of the time?); however, it is a different thing to direct that negativity at a person.

If I were to offend someone or make them defensive, I hope they would tell me. Offense is usually not the intention of the poster - though sometimes things are grossly misinterpreted. However, sometimes stong minds and ideas are easily misinterpreted.

If you are feeling that you may have bothered someone, or someone has bothered you, why not just tell them? It seems to me that this is a good way to proceed.

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