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jm 01-15-2003 09:29 AM

Saints Chat Room
Where is a good Saints Chat room?

jm 01-15-2003 09:51 AM

Saints Chat Room
Hi Gator,
We have had conversations before, remember I\'m the pessimist who looks at the worst case scenerio. LOL. I\'ve been a Saints fan for 33 years but at a long distance (S.C.). I like to check this site often to keep up with whats going on with the Saints. But I also like to chat in football chat rooms but I haven\'t found a good one yet dedicated to the Saints so I get ignored a lot. You guys have some pretty spirited posts here and its good to see the varied opinions. Just wanted to see if there was a chat room where yall gather. The Saints are like a family member, you love em but get p o ed when they mess up. but you can\'t dis own them.
Geaux Saints

ctillman 01-15-2003 05:27 PM

Saints Chat Room
I have considered adding a chat room to this site... but wasn\'t sure if there was enough interest.

Anyone else interested in a chat room?

WhoDat 01-15-2003 07:10 PM

Saints Chat Room
yes and no. To me, a message board is not much different than a chat room.

DomeFoam1 01-16-2003 10:11 AM

Saints Chat Room
chat.... chat.... chat.... chat....

why not, we can schedule times for everybody to meet. I think it would be fun.

ctillman 01-17-2003 11:49 PM

Saints Chat Room
Just added a chat feature for testing...

It uses an IRC server. Not even sure if works yet!

ctillman 01-18-2003 12:15 AM

Saints Chat Room
It works!!!!

Just had a chat with SaintStoneyMount...

SaintStoneyMount 01-18-2003 12:15 AM

Saints Chat Room
Works nice. I think can\'t wait to catch yall in the chat room

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