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My "dead weight" list

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I tried to list all of the players who I felt were not safe. Some are debateable... But, I\'m more interested in the \'starters\'. Or players who were suppose to be starters. 1. Sullivan -- We gave up a 1st ...

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My "dead weight" list

I tried to list all of the players who I felt were not safe.

Some are debateable...

But, I\'m more interested in the \'starters\'. Or players who were suppose to be starters.

1. Sullivan -- We gave up a 1st round pick to move up and select him. So far..he\'s been a bust. I applauded the move at the time of the draft. It was a huge need and Sullivan was considered to be the 1st or 2nd best DT avaliable, according to which source you check.

Can\'t give up on the kid right now, but, the bottom line is this has really set the defense back for the past couple of years. Just imagine if Sully would have worked out already, OR, we spent our two #1 draft picks on other playhers.

This really hurt!!!

2. Ernie Conwell: This guy has had enough time to produce results. For one reason or another...he hasn\'t. We\'re not trying to groom a rookie QB here. This guy was a veteran when he came here. Considering he came from the Rams. Maybe he was a product of the system?

Bottom Line: When? How long does he get? Good character guy, but we can find good character guys on the street.

3. Wayne Gandy: Stick a fork in him.....he\'s done!!

4. Victor Riley: He\'s gotta go.

5. Fred Thomas: Lot of money for a nickle CB. I think he could be a solid number 3 but not much else. He might surprise me though. I haven\'t counted him out just yet.

6. Boo Williams: Hard to say. He gets next year to prove himself or we gotta go a different direction, IMO.

7. Derrick Rodgers: Average. We need a bigger impact our of our starting LB. Good back-up.

8. Jay Bellamy: Better suited as a backup. Still makes some plays. But gives some up too. Retirement isn\'t far away...

9. Mel Mitchell: Hard to say. Showed promise. I\'d give the kid one more year. But that\'s it.

10. Brian Young: I\'m keeping my eye on him. I don\'t like the smaller DTs. He could work out though. But you really have to wonder if he can hold up in the middle of the D.

There\'s more, but that\'s enough for now...
In response to your reasoning, I\'m going to go by the numbers that you have in your response.

1. Sullivan. I agree. He needs to mature, and he needs a boot in the backside. If Pease can motivate him, we have a winner. If not, hit the trail.

2. Conwell. I disagree. He\'s a team player, a good blocker, and given someone who can throw \"touch\" passes he can catch. The problem with his pass production is Leon, not Ernie.

3.&4. I couldn\'t agree more. You are 100% on the money.

5. Freddie got way, way too much money for his production. I agree he\'s too expensive as a nickle back, especially with Montgomery who is younger and cheaper breathing down his back.

6. I think that Boo can be better with someone other than Leon throwing the ball. If you get a QB with an IQ higher than 12 running the team Boo\'s numbers will go up. He also has greatly progressed as a blocker.

7. A back up and that\'s all. Rodgers has heart, but his body is slowing down. Also, at 34-35 he very well be injury prone.

8. Bellamy, same as Rodgers. Great heart, old body.

9. Mel Mitchell. Mel has been healing from his knee injury and has done well on special teams. Characteristically it takes at LEAST a year to come back from that type of injury. Look for him to beat out Bellamy next year. Pray that he doesn\'t get hit in the knee again.

10. Brian Young. Great motor, great heart. I agree with you that his size is suspect, but when we got him it was assumed that Sully was gonna step up and be a man. With Sully being the Stud on the inside, Young gets freed up to make some tackles that he ordinarily wouldn\'t make. You saw the same thing with LeRoi Glover and Norman Hand. Hand took the heat and Glover made the plays. Assuming that Sullivan steps up, Young will be more of an impact player. BUT Sullivan needs to step up. Otherwise you are right, Young is small and vunerable.

Good analysis, Billy.

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My "dead weight" list

He will beat out Bellamy... mark my words. Gave up 2 picks for Sullivan and invested a nice chunk of change in him too. Can\'t give up on him yet, talent is there it\'s just that he eats too much. And a lazy *****.

I also feel Conwell was a product of the Rams run and gun offense. Jacox excelled at guard and he never did play center for us, so why move him \"back\"? Bentley was drafted as a center, but the wanted Fontenot to play center. So he didnt do so well last year, but he\'ll be fine. That\'s his natural position. A healthy Jacox, Bentley, and Holland will give us a monster guard center combo. We just need a LT and see if Stincomb can handle RT. We need to let these kids play and see what they can do. No point in drafting players and letting them ride the pine.

Fred Thomas had a bad year, cut the guy some slack. He\'s been solid for us and remember he would be starting for Philly right now if he chose to sign that contract. He\'s loyal and just needs to rebound from 1 bad year. He\'ll be fine.

Lol gatorman but if you add Haslett, dont forget about Venturi and Loomis. :P

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