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LongTimeFan 02-02-2005 01:45 PM

The state can't afford paying
I think that the state just can't afford to meet Benson's demands, he's asking for an awful amount of money from us.
His demands is hurting the hotel market in N.O, some people just won't go to N.O and rent a hotel with the higher prices as they are now.
The state had to borrow 7 million (to go toward 15 million we owed him) dollars to to give to Benson because he says he's not making money, now you can beleive that crap if you want to but I choose not to,
Benson bought the Saints for something like 72 million and his team is worth 500 million. one reason it's worth so much is because of us, the fans who pile up in the dome even if the Saints are horrible, fans as myself go to the dome to have a goodtime, meeting fellow fans which I enjoy as much as the game, personally I think Benson is selfish and is asking to much from the state, he has been threathing to take his team from here for some time, if that would ever happen (which I don't) football wouldn't be the same for me and alot of other fans but at the same time he's asking the state to go broke just for him to get the money that he thinks he deserves which he doesn't, the best thing that could happen to the Saints and the state is if someone would buy the Saints from Benson that way we could move on and Benson wouldn't be broke anymore being he would get 500 million. (not a bad profit)
I have been to the dome over 60 times and everytime I go there I say what a nice place this is, the Saints have something to be proud of playing here with a packed house but Benson doesn't see it that way, as I said in another post I met Benson years ago and he didn't appear to be like he is now, he seemed to be happy with his team, his fans and happy to be here, he's now this selfish, greedy owner.
Do you all think that the state should go broke in order to make Benson Happy?
I vote
We along with Benson will have to find another way to close this deal.

GumboBC 02-02-2005 02:01 PM

The state can't afford paying
There\'s 2 sides of the story here...

State of Louisiana: It\'s a broke state who is being asked to pay a lot of money to keep the Saints here. Mainly because Benson doesn\'t have a \"new\" stadium that would produce more money for him. If Benson had a new stadium, this wouldn\'t be an issue.
But Benson doesn\'t have a new stadium and it is an issue.

Tom Benson: Whether he\'s making money or not isn\'t the issue. He feels he should be making more and wants a new stadium so he can make more money.

Other states spends large amounts of cash to help construct new stadiums so NFL owners can compete. The State of Louisiana can\'t do that, though. That\'s not Benson\'s fault. He didn\'t put the state in the position its in today. Benson is looking out for himself...not the State. And who can blame him?

Benson knows he can move the team and get what he wants. How many of you would turn down a few hundred million? Well, that\'s exactly what Benson has done.

It\'s going to be interesting to see what happens. If Blanco forces Benson to move, I don\'t think she\'ll return as governor. There\'s a lot of Saints fans out there who would be very upset. Including myself. But I don\'t live in Louisiana anymore, so I can\'t vote...

LKelley67 02-02-2005 02:07 PM

The state can't afford paying
i dont think there is any city/state ransomed as hard as benson over la. butcha know what if they contended or just played like contenders no one would care.

interesting info about the team if you missed it...
franchise rating from espn. ranked 78th out of all nfl, mlb, nba, and nhl teams (120). ranked 20th in nfl.

78 New Orleans Saints
2004: Our hats are off to the lowest cap cost in all of major sports ($6) and the seventh-cheapest ticket price ($43.87) in the NFL. Then again, Big Easy fans are stuck watching a team whose title hopes are as low as a local\'s resistance to gumbo (five playoff appearances and one win in 36 years). The only consistent winner here is Tom Benson, car magnate and ever-more unpopular owner. Forbes says the value of his franchise jumped 22 percent, to $585M.
Overall: 78th
Bang For The Buck: 33rd
Fan Relations: 86th
Ownership: 96th
Affordability: 49th
Stadium Experience: 87th
Players: 91st
Coach/Manager: 69th
Championships: 102nd

LongTimeFan 02-02-2005 02:28 PM

The state can't afford paying
The state is broke, do some checking and you\'ll find out for yourself, Benson doesn\'t pay rent at the dome for starters, never did, so that there in itself is saving him a lot of money.
He\'s making millions and millions just on the networks alone,everytime you buy a jersey, a cap or anything that has the Saints on it Benson is making money on it, I wouldn\'t be surprised if Benson is making about 50 million profit per year off of his team..
Making a ton of money on us when we go out to the dome, he\'s making a min. of 2.5 mill. per game on ticket sales alone.
Come on guys he\'s making money, and a lot of money.
Do any of you agree that his budget is around 80 mill. per (players, coaches, front office )year?, if so do some math and see what you come up with.
If he wasn\'t making money don\'t you think that he would sell the team and make a profit of 430 million dollars, that\'s almost a half of billion in his pockets

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[Edited on 2/2/2005 by LongTimeFan]

shadowdrinker 02-02-2005 02:56 PM

The state can't afford paying
Actually..The ticket sales are directly given to the shared revenue...

Alot of the reason owners are wanting a weaker financial team to go to L.A. , Is to increase the amount of shared revenue...and ..increase thier percentage of the shared revenue

And that\'s the same reason they voted out bringing in an expansion team...all that would do, is make one more mouth to feed..

ScottyRo 02-02-2005 03:20 PM

The state can't afford paying
Let him move. he will make no more money in LA provided the stadium situation is similar to that in Louisiana. (That\'s a big proviso, I know, but just let it pass for argument sake).

LA fans are fickle and two franchises have already moved away. If it is such a great place to own a franchise, why would that be? If Benson or anyone moves the team to LA, then the team is going to have to put up better numbers than it has in Louisiana that\'s for sure. - unles ticket sales mean nothing to Benson.

The word is that the NFL isn\'t going to let Benson move anyway. They will only let this franchise move there if it is owned by someone else. His threats don\'t scare me.

LongTimeFan 02-02-2005 03:29 PM

The state can't afford paying
Rams and the Raider owners were losing money over there, if a team misses a couple of years making post season the tickets sales drop off to a point where after awhile the owner has to then move his team elsewhere, now they support USC and the Lakers.
Benson knows of all this and more, there is noway Benson moves his team west.

LKelley67 02-02-2005 10:31 PM

The state can't afford paying
more team financial analysis from forbes-

i thought interesting is that benson bought the team for 70mil and now it is worth 627mil (their numbers)and goes up in value an avg of 12% PER YR, 7% in 2003. scwheeet!

they have their own cute number, player costs to wins ratio. the saints at 77% means that they get 23% fewer wins per dollar than the average nfl team.

vulture 02-03-2005 01:14 AM

The state can't afford paying
I for one get alot more enjoyment for my tax dollar with the Saints instead of seeing the state giving a check to someone who refuses to go out and work or to the illegal wet who is here for six months and hurts his back picking a garbage can and now gets a check.

Lets see where this democrat can cut some other pork barrell spending in the budget and honor a contract made in good faith. I rather see the Saints then a line of people getting some free health care at Charity hospital.

Halo 02-03-2005 10:05 AM

The state can't afford paying
Alright, I\'ll go through this one more time. The State of Louisiana pays no money to the Saints. The State taxes the crap out of tourists who go to New Orleans and the conscessions at games, and this makes about $25million (and growing) for the State. This money from the tax comes directly from the Saints and because the Saints are in town and people come from all over -Mississippi and Houma and sourrounding areas- and spend $ in New Orleans during the fall.

The Saints say they want a part of this money because it\'s generated by them and it\'s only here because of their presence. So the State gives the Saints $15 million a year and the State walks away with $10million for them selves.

If the Saints leave, the State stands to lose 10 to 15 million plus a year because the Saints are gone. This would be the largest economic blow to the State, as large as losing Entergy or Freeport-MacMoran or Avondale shipyards. If the Saints move in years to come there will be people crying because there will be some schools with no toilet paper to wipe their children\'s backsides and they will blame it on the loss of the Saints and the 10 to 15 million dollars we lost per year because we didn\'t want to pay them their part of the revenue share.

Does everybody understand now?

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