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WhoDat 01-16-2003 10:26 AM

Draft Outlook
Question: Have the Saints even made Delhomme an offer?

If my quarterback was undergoing off-season surgery and I had a guy like Jake Delhomme as my backup, I would have made an offer the second the season ended. I\'d tell him that I understand he wants to go to where ever he feels his chances are to start, but that my team was willing to do whatever it takes to keep him. Regardless of what you think about Brooks or Delhomme. If you have a number one guy whose future is at least somewhat in question, and a backup as good ours, you sign that man as fast as you can.

SycoSurfer 01-16-2003 10:50 AM

Draft Outlook
Seneca Wallace? WTF are they stupid? Did they notice what happend when he was forced to throw the ball in the second half of the season? He is NOT a QB. Look at Eric Crouch he wont he Heisman as a scrambling option type QB he is not in the NFL. That should tell you something. If we draft Wallace as a backup to Brooks we are on the down fall not the uprise. At least JT O\'sullivan was known for being a passing QB even if it was division 1 AA. I would rather see him at #2 than Wallace.

Another thing someone tell me EJ Henderson is not in the Senior Bowl cause if we are not looking at him as MLB we have problems. That is one of our major problem areas and he is the best MLB coming out and looks like he might fall to us why not look at him.

I can understand OL depth or actually starters with Brett Williams at tackle or Vince Mauwai at Guard, but TE? We have Sloan who was a lil of a disappointment, but if AB learned touch he would be more effective. Boo Williams is a solid TE and Lamont Hall still a good blocker is this Seiman something special I dont know about?

DL is kinda questionable...Id rather them be looking at LB or secondary. We have solid guys on line I mean Howard is Pro Bowl, Grady Jackson and Norman Hand are OK together and then Charles Grant was a high draft pick last year what are we gonna draft?

Im hoping this changes before draft day.

WhoDat 01-16-2003 07:58 PM

Draft Outlook
With Marvin Lewis taking the reigns in Cincy I doubt Spikes is going anywhere. I\'d love to pick up any of those three linebackers, but I don\'t know if any of them are going to be available. I doubt their teams will let them go... remember, most teams hold on to their stars

lumm0x 01-16-2003 11:32 PM

Draft Outlook
Neither Spikes nor Boulware are MLB. They have never even played that position. Boulware was a DE at Florida State and has alwsy either been a DE or WLB in Baltimore. Spikes has always played WLB in Cincy as Brian Simmons drafted a few slots away from Spikes in the same draft year is the MLB. Brookings is the only MLB and he is more a Zach Thomas type than a Jerimiah Trotter type MLB.
This is all not to say that Spikes or Boulware wouldn\'t upgrade our LBers, but they would not likely fill that middle hole.

lumm0x 01-17-2003 01:06 PM

Draft Outlook
I agree with your assessment of the 3-4 defense with those types of players. I love the versatility of the 3-4. The old dome patrol was heaven to watch. Haslett is familiar with the 3-4 and if we could get a D-coordinator that runs it that way, getting a premier guy like Boulware or Spikes would be the reincarnation of Jackson or Swilling on the outside. Boulware isn\'t that old that he wouldn\'t have 4-5 more good years left in him. Sedric Hodge and James Allen both have decent enough size to man one of the inside holes (Sam Mills proved that every day). The question would be, with atypical defensive ends such as Grant and Howard (in the 3-4 scheme the ends are generally bigger), would we need a more bulky inside LBer.

lumm0x 01-17-2003 06:34 PM

Draft Outlook
Venturi originally coached in Baltimore under Ron Meyer whom I believe ran a 4-3. Then he went to Cleveland and also ran the 4-3. Then he came to New Orleans in the mid 90\'s under Mora and I believe we had just left the 3-4 scheme (not positive on this one). Will Venturi run the 3-4, probably not. If Haslett picks up a new D-coordinator and that individual is familiar with the scheme and we pick up a vetean LB also familiar in the scheme it would be a good idea.
Our current defense would be strange fit to this scheme. Guys like Jackson and Chase would be a nice nose tackle rotation. Kenny Smith and Willie Whitehead are the right size for 3-4 defensive ends, but Grant and Howard are the better athletes for sure. They are just undersized DE\'s in a 3-4 scheme. We would need a serious upgrade in the LB area.

SaintStoneyMount 01-17-2003 11:56 PM

Draft Outlook
I don\'t know I don\'t know.

But I do know this. Put the tag on Jake and pay the man. He put in his dues to earn the bread. But the organization put in its dues holding him now we should cash in by having his services as the leagues best backup if he doesn\'t win the annual QB derby. Although I think Haslett cancelled that race we still need a solid backup.

Get me the list of the top three MLB\'s in the draft
also top 5 CB / safties
top 3 tight ends
and project who drops to 17/18
Can Randy\'s lil brother Rick pull the Mueller draft magic?

One thing. since the Mueller boyz have been in town I am real excited about Drafts.

WhoDat 01-18-2003 12:18 PM

Draft Outlook
I talked about the 3-4 during the season. The problem is definitely what to do with our ends. I think you can put Whitehead down and then stand up Howard or Grant as an outside LB. I\'m not sure how fast they are, but an athletic DE with good speed is basically the same as an outside LB in the 3-4. Grady Jackson is the ultimate nose tackle. I think Howard can play down, but I haven\'t seen enough of Grant to know if he could fill that void.

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