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LKelley67 02-04-2005 09:23 AM

senior bowl scouting report
good review of players, links at bottom to other positions-

saintswhodi 02-04-2005 10:03 AM

senior bowl scouting report
Nice find.

baronm 02-04-2005 10:14 AM

senior bowl scouting report
there are several smaller school linebackers that we could get to fill gaps in the later rounds. I really like the guy from troy state.

papz 02-04-2005 10:24 AM

senior bowl scouting report
Nice read/find.

LKelley67 02-04-2005 10:50 AM

senior bowl scouting report
offensive report-
The 2005 Senior Bowl was relatively uneventful in terms of big plays, but the North squad prevailed over the favored South team, 23-13. There were a few notable offensive performances, both good and bad on Saturday. Here is a breakdown of the offensive positions from the past week in Mobile.

The quarterback position featured a few players looking to establish themselves on Day 1 of the draft. The most impressive offensive player in the entire game was Charlie Frye of Akron. Frye went 10-12 for 138 yards and a TD, taking home MVP honors for the North side Saturday afternoon. Frye was excellent out there. He showcased above average mobility, easily getting outside the pocket and had good touch on the run. His arm was as strong as anyone during the entire week, and he was efficient and accurate during the game. Frye has solidified himself as the top senior quarterback available on my board. Jason Campbell was impressive at times as well. Like Frye, Campbell displayed very good mobility, arm strength, and the ability to throw on the run. Campbell still has some problems setting up and delivering a strike in the pocket, but that is correctable, and overall, he had a solid game. He now looks to be a very solid bet to be taken on Day 1 of the draft. Kyle Orton of Purdue easily hurt his stock the most at the QB position. He was in a direct battle with Frye and Campbell for draft position, and he lost the battle this week. Orton looks mechanical on the field, and he did not make very good reads during the game. Georgia Tech’s James Butler intercepted him on his first pass of the game, and the receiver never really had a chance at it. His arm strength is better than he is given credit for, but Orton needs a lot of work at the next level. He is a solid developmental guy, but he may not hear his name called on the first day of the draft after his performance on Saturday.

There is no player smaller in stature than Kansas St.’s Darren Sproles, who measured up officially at 5’5� and change this week. But there may not have been a bigger impact offensive player than Sproles. His 24-yard run up the middle in the 3rd was the game’s first touchdown, and helped push the North over the South. Sproles finished the day with 6 carries for 55 yards and a touchdown. His quickness through the hole is amazing, and once in the open field, he is not going to be caught. His size however, may negate everything he did on the field. He simply is just too small to be an every down back in the league, and with the depth at the RB position, I have hard time seeing him go any earlier than the middle of the 3rd. He’s going to be an excellent return man and change of pace back, but his ability as a feature back is non existent. Cedric Houston of Tennessee had a solid game for the South side. He displayed very good power and the ability to make the pile move, and the ability to hit the corner and turn it up field. Houston looks to be solid in the 4th round area, and could be a surprise performer for whoever drafts him. Cadillac Williams only got on the field for two plays before leaving with a strained back. But during the week, Cadillac showed the explosion and cutting ability that left teams drooling for the chance to draft him. His practice performance was enough to solidify himself in the Top 15 of the draft. J.J. Arrington did the most damage to his draft stock than any other back in Mobile. On Monday, Arrington came in smaller than expected, measuring up at 5’8 206lbs. During the game, Arrington was hesitant, ran with no power, and did not show the burst to the line. He ended up with only 9 yards on five carries for the game. Arrington could have pushed himself up the draft with a solid performance, but after the measurements and the poor game, Arrington would be very lucky to hear his name called in the 3rd round. He draws an early 4th round grade from me.

Mark Clayton was the best receiver all week in practice. Nobody could cover him one on one, and he displayed excellent hands, superb quickness, and the ability to get open at will. With his great performance in practice, it opened up a chance for other players to shine during the game. Courtney Roby of Indiana only had one catch for 23 yards, but he also had a very good week of practice. He struggled early in the week catching the ball, but once he gained some confidence, he showcased very good hands, and was one of the faster players in uniform. He has excellent speed and gets to the top gear very fast. He may have pushed himself into the late Day 1 range with his performance in Mobile. Tight end Alex Smith of Stanford had a great week. He has solid athleticism, but his foot speed is only average. But he displayed the ability to get open, and showcased very good hands grabbing the ball. Both Georgia receivers, Reggie Brown and Fred Gibson has a solid showing during the week and in the game. Brown finished with 5 catches for 65 yards, and got to top gear very quickly. He went up to make one nice grab with his hands, but his other grabs he made with his body. Gibson’s size and speed were apparent, and he even went over the middle to make a nice grab, which has been seen as a weakness of his. Like his teammate, he too catches the ball too much with his body. Both performed very well, but I’d like to see both catch the ball with their hands a little more. The most intriguing player all week, former Arkansas QB Matt Jones looked impressive as a receiver. He had a touchdown grab where he used his body to shield off the defender and make the grab. I do not think he has the speed to play wide receiver, but he has the natural ability to become a standout tight end with time.

There was nobody on the offensive line that just dominated, but there were some good things out there. OT Khalif Barnes of Washington displayed everything he did during his Washington career. He showcased very good athleticism and agility in pass protection, but he needs to get stronger at the next level. Adam Terry of Syracuse was impressive at times as well, but he was not very consistent. Both of these players had the chance to really lock down a late first round grade, but they failed to do so. Both of them need to get stronger to play at the next level, and individual workouts will dictate their order of selection. Michael Roos of Eastern Washington was impressive during the week. He showcased excellent agility on the field, easily adjusting to the defender. He may really fly up the board if he can keep his momentum of this week going. Logan Mankins of Fresno St. didn’t help his stock any this week. Many people are impressed with his attitude on the field, but the week started off with him measuring up just under 6’4 and just under 300lbs. On the field he left many people wondering if he is athletic enough to play outside in the NFL. Mankins needs to bulk up, and he looks like his NFL future is on the inside at guard. Ray Willis of Florida St. had problems all week and during the game. He was beat off the edge in practice and in the game consistently, and had to resort to holding the defender to keep them off his quarterback. He looks like he will also have to move inside to guard at the next level.

Mike Nugent of Ohio St. is money. He has a great leg and is very accurate. He connected on all three of his attempts, knocking them in from 25, 36, and 41 on Saturday. He could very well come off the board in the second round of the draft, he is that good. Jonathan Nichols of Ole Miss also had a solid game, going 2-2, connecting from 29 and 40.

LKelley67 02-04-2005 10:51 AM

senior bowl scouting report
defensive report-
There were a number of standouts on the defensive line during the week in Mobile. Marcus Spears of LSU entered the week amongst a pretty solid defensive end group, and he ended the weak as possibly the top defensive tackle in the entire draft. He checked in at 6’3 302lbs, and was great in drills all week. With that extra weight, teams may feel his best position may be inside at tackle, and with the draft looking relatively weak at that position, he may have made himself the top player on the board at that position. Anttaj Hawthorne of Wisconsin solidified his stock in the late first, early second round with his performance this week. He didn’t dominate, but he held up well at the point, and displayed nice quickness for an interior player. Bill Swancutt had a very good week too. He impressed with his attitude all week, then finished the week with a great game, showing the ability to consistently pressure the QB. Matt Roth of Iowa is a guy that many people were impressed with. I think he had a solid week and game, but I am not as impressed as others are. Roth has one pass rush move, and with his lack of bulk, the bull rush is not going to cut it in the NFL. He also has only one goal in mind on the field, and that was to rush the passer. On numerous occasions, he would overpursue or overrun a play he could have made because he was so intent on getting upfield to the passer. Tackle Mike Patterson of USC was hurt the most by the measurements. He came in less than 6’ tall, and is officially 5’11. People knew he was short, but he is going to have some work to do in workouts to show he can play despite his lack of height.

No player in the Senior Bowl impressed me more than San Diego St. linebacker Kirk Morrison. Morrison was everywhere and displayed great all around ability. Morrison displayed excellent closing speed, great reaction to plays, and was great in one on one tackling situations. He is a solid second rounder after this week. Demarcus Ware of Troy is a combo end/linebacker, but his future appears to be at OLB in a 3-4 scheme. He displayed fantastic athleticism all week, and was all around the field in the game. He even made an impact on special teams. He too looks to have solidified himself in the 2nd round with his performance this week. Lance Mitchell did nothing to hurt himself as the top ILB in the draft, displaying impressive speed and ability to play in space. Al Fincher of UConn was very impressive this week too. He is very good at moving forward and making plays in the running game, and is a player teammates seem to rally around. He is a borderline Day 1 draft pick right now.

In the secondary, there were some surprising performances, and one player that left the week reeling. Bryant McFadden of Florida St. had a great week, and has solidified himself in the second round of this years draft. Darrent Williams, an undersized corner out of Oklahoma St. displayed very good cover ability, and should hear his name called on Day 1. Ronald Bartell of Howard came into the week with a chance to really shoot up boards, and while he didn’t disappoint, he did little to raise his stock also. He is impressive physically, but he is so raw as a corner that he spent some time at safety. He’s a long term project at the next level, but he is definitely talented. Travis Daniels of LSU had a very good week, and was quicker than most thought he was. He was much more impressive than his college teammate Corey Webster, who really did some damage to his stock this week. Webster lacks a lot of polish, and was beaten routinely this week. He’s got the physical ability, but he really needs work at the next level. He entered the game as a top corner, and he may have left the week being a late second, early third rounder. At the safety position, Jamaal Brimmer was unimpressive in practice. He was beaten easily in cover drills, but once the game came around, it was a different story. Brimmer was everywhere, attacking the ball upfield and making some solid tackles. He’s simply a gamer, but he may suffer with the games all over from here on out. It’s workouts now, and he is not a physical specimen that will impress. Junior Rosegreen of Auburn stood out during the week, but at 5’11 190, it raises questions about his ability to be a starting strong safety at the next level. Georgia Tech’s James Butler had an up and down week of practice, but had a nice pick on the first pass from Kyle Orton. He is impressive physically, but he needs to put it together on a more consistent basis.

saintswhodi 02-04-2005 10:53 AM

senior bowl scouting report
Give me a link to where you got those reports please Kelley.

LKelley67 02-04-2005 11:30 AM

senior bowl scouting report
when i come back across it i will, i go through a lotta links every day LOL. if it is lengthier i usually just paste the link. if shorter the text.

saintswhodi 02-04-2005 11:45 AM

senior bowl scouting report
I found it already. Thanks.

dberce1 02-04-2005 12:31 PM

senior bowl scouting report

There is no player smaller in stature than Kansas St.’s Darren Sproles, who measured up officially at 5’5� and change this week. But there may not have been a bigger impact offensive player than Sproles. His 24-yard run up the middle in the 3rd was the game’s first touchdown, and helped push the North over the South
I saw that play, absolutely amazing. You see the little guy get the rock, then he\'s in the endzone. BLAAAAAAAAAAAAZING speed.

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