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LongTimeFan 02-04-2005 07:58 PM

Belichick a genius?
I don't think that he's the genius in N.E, Brady is the genius, here's why I think this.
Let's say that Brady never became the starter and Bledsoe was the starter since the arrival of Belichick, do you think that N.E wins 2 Superbowls?, I say no. most people talk of Brady when it comes to winning in N.E, he gets almost all the credit while the rest of the team is very little talked about, Brady doesn't make to many mistakes, he wins games, it doesn't matter if it's 1 and 10 or 3 and 15 he gets it done.
If Belichick were to leave the Patriots would continue to win because of Brady, sure there defense might not be quite as good but the offense wouldn't miss a beat.
Send Belichick to New Orleans and we wouldn't be much better, maybe our defense but not that sure of the offense,
The media talks of Belichick as a genius, I think it's crap
"Your only as good as your players are"
I'm not saying Belichick isn't a very good coach because he really is but a genius, I don't beleive that he is.

papz 02-04-2005 08:05 PM

Belichick a genius?
\"If Belichick were to leave the Patriots would continue to win because of Brady, sure there defense might not be quite as good but the offense wouldn\'t miss a beat.\"

Your post must be a joke. Belichick, Weis, and Crennel gone and they wouldn\'t miss a beat? You make absolutely no sense.

\"Send Belichick to New Orleans and we wouldn\'t be much better, maybe our defense but not that sure of the offense,
The media talks of Belichick as a genius, I think it\'s crap
\"Your only as good as your players are\"

Look at the players starting for him. Samuel, Gay, Seymour has been hurt, Ty Law out, Troy Brown starting at nickel, Don Davis a linebacker starting at safety, etc... are you freaking joking me? Not a genius? 3 out for 4 years in a the Superbowl. Having a stout defense year in and year out. What more do you want? Does he have to take an IQ test for you?

\"Send Belichick to New Orleans and we wouldn\'t be much better\"

If you truly believe that, than you are plain retarded. I\'m sorry but it\'s true. :casstet:

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spkb25 02-04-2005 08:08 PM

Belichick a genius?
well i think yes and no with your argument. they just seem to have a good organaztion. its like philly. they just seem to have players that want to win. i think that it is just the right fit at the right time. but im not taking anything away from the guy. simple as this he has made a winner and he does it every year. i think you have to credit him. he gets it done no matter what. look at their dbacks this year. how many other teams would be able to survive. but i do think your right in some regards. it does all eventually fall on the players. ditka is always saying that on espn. at the same time to try to argue that he doesnt get the most out of what he has you may have a hard time trying to convince people that

LongTimeFan 02-04-2005 08:22 PM

Belichick a genius?
What I\'m saying is this, Belichick wouldn\'t have won any SB\'s in NE with Bledsoe no matter how good you think he is.
As far as him coming to N.O and not being an improvment over Haslett , I reason is we don\'t have the defense as he does in N.E, with the team that we have right now I can\'t see how he could be better, as I said your only as good as your players are, he could only do so much with our defense.
Also I don\'t think Haslett is a bad coach, send Haslett to N.E with Brady there and I bet they continue to win

spkb25 02-04-2005 08:33 PM

Belichick a genius?
as much as i see ur point and dont disagree fully i have to disagree somewhat. i think winning is an attitude. they have that attitude. as far as brady the first year they went to the super bowl bledsoe had to come in in the afc champinship to get them there. and they beat pittt. so im not sure your completely right on that. but i understand your argument but i dont agree 100%

papz 02-04-2005 09:22 PM

Belichick a genius?
Greg Williams in Washington... Jim Johnson in Philly... Buffalo\'s defense... Steelers and Patriots defense...

It\'s all about the scheme. No matter who\'ve they plugged in the system, they have always had success. Great schemes equal great minds. Great minds equal great coaching. Great coaching equals none other Bill Belichick. 3 Superbowls in 4 years, if he isn\'t a genius then I don\'t know who is.

Also if you didn\'t remember Bledsoe won that game that got them into the Superbowl... just because he struggled the last couple of years in Buffalo... the year after he left he had ProBowl numbers. So why couldn\'t have they won with him that year?

In your opinion, who\'s a genius? Please don\'t tell me Bill Parcells. Because if you do, remember that Parcells has never won a superbowl without having Belichick as his defensive assistant.

LongTimeFan 02-04-2005 09:33 PM

Belichick a genius?
Well no I don\'t think that Parcells is a genius, but in the past some said he was one of the best, now he\'s with the Cowboys and having problems getting them going as Jimmy Johnson did, now, there are some in the media that are saying maybe Parcells lost what he once had, I say no, he still has the great gift to coach but doesn\'t have the talent around him right now, you can have the best scheme in the world but if you don\'t have the talent the scheme won\'t help you much, I know that goes without saying but that\'s the way I see it

LongTimeFan 02-04-2005 09:38 PM

Belichick a genius?
One more thing, Jimmy Johnson won 3 SB\'s with a young Aikman, Erving and Smith, bring Johnson back next season and I promise you that he won\'t win with the them Parcells is working with right, again, I\'m not saying that Belichick isn\'t good because I would be lying to myself, byt people it takes more than a good coach to win in the NFL.
A team can do very good for 3-4 years and all of a sudden they become just an avg. team with the same coach, again, if the coach doesn\'t have talent he won\'t win

spkb25 02-04-2005 09:47 PM

Belichick a genius?
and jimmy struggled in miami as the head coach. so once again im not sure your 100% correct.

spkb25 02-04-2005 09:49 PM

Belichick a genius?
and by the way parcells has been there only two years. give him some time. he made the playoffs one year out of two so far

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