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spkb25 02-04-2005 08:00 PM

with horn just turning 33 can we really expect anything more then three more quality season out of him? am i wrong in thinking we have to resign this guy? i think he is top 5 in this league. he has been very good for us every year he has been here and always seems to come through when we need him too. do you think we will have a hard time signing him? do we sign him to more then a three year contract? i think we have to resign this guy without a doubt and give him his money. but im not sure how much he is going to want and how much is to much. by his numbers he is going to probally ask top 5 money.

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spkb25 02-04-2005 08:01 PM

sorry post should have read horn. typo.

papz 02-04-2005 08:10 PM

Unless we sign a number one receiver out of free agency, like Muhammad, then we need to pay him. And I\'m not even a big fan of Horn\'s. I think he drops a lot of deep balls and doesn\'t make the catches when we need it the most. But, he does put up numbers but he should not be considered for Randy Moss or Marvin Harrison type of money.

spkb25 02-04-2005 08:14 PM

well as far as moss i wouldnt sign the guy given the chance but thats just me but i understand your point. but man you cant argue with close to 100 catches this season. but i do understand your point. i cant really take anything away from joey. the guy has been our best receiver for years now. noone else seems to be able or willing to step up. so i agree with you we have to pay him but i wouldnt go to deep. but im pretty sure hes going to want top 5 money

shadowdrinker 02-04-2005 11:47 PM

I think we\'re going to be forced into signing him...whether he wants 3 years or whatever..we\'ll see..

But Stallworth, and Henderson have shown us can\'t depend on them...Henderson hasn\'t played at gets the benifit of the doubt..But.Stallworth is just too unreliable...and we have got to have a big time reciever....Horn has been the Heart and Soul of this team for quite a few years now..and we need him at least one more we can try to address this hideous Defense...

Not to mention..Horn was top 3 ..all year long...He\'s the ONLY reason teams can\'t stack the line..and shut Deuce down...

Give him at least 1 more year...We really have no choice...Unless they can sign a younger..really good reciever...

Then you still have to question durability..and Horn has been putting up Pro Bowl seasons..year after year..on a gimp knee...

He\'s the only reason we do as well as we do on Offense..

LKelley67 02-05-2005 07:47 AM

he has been a solid go-to guy. he showed me more last year than ever before leading by example and keeping his yap shut more, dropping fewer balls, and toughness in playing through injuries. that said, he has never been in the elite game breaker class in my eyes. at this age he is not going to be getting better and only become more injury prone. i say pay him top dollar but i think beyond two more years is exorbitant risk in the cap world. i dont think he would have the world at his feet in the free market. he probably has more negative buzz attached to him from his jawing and infamous phone use than he deserves. thanks joe, we love n appreciate ya but it is a business. work with us and we will work with you as your skills diminish so you might retire here.

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