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If we were down by 6 points.....

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; and need a TD to get to the playoffs and you could choose any current NFL QB to lead us from our own twenty to a TD to win the game, who would you choose? Only current QBs....

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If we were down by 6 points.....

and need a TD to get to the playoffs and you could choose any current NFL QB to lead us from our own twenty to a TD to win the game, who would you choose? Only current QBs.
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If we were down by 6 points.....

peyton manning

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If we were down by 6 points.....

I\'m going with Brady.
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If we were down by 6 points.....

John Freakin Kitna


Sorry, but until Brooks isn\'t my starting QB... He\'s my guy
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If we were down by 6 points.....

I assume we\'d still have our O-line.
I\'d have to go with Vick. Our QB would be running for his life on about every play.
Brady would get killed, Manning would be OK, but Vick\'s running would be absolutely neccessary.
I\'d also take consider McNabb, probably even over Peyton.

Now if we had a decent O-line, Manning, Brady, then McNabb.

Of all time (in their prime) I\'d take Elway, Marino, Young, Montana, Favre, or Kelly, and just worry about scoring too fast.
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If we were down by 6 points.....

I definately would not take Peyton Manning. He\'s good but not when he\'s behind in the game.

Here\'s the truth about Peyton.

Peyton not the man in the playoffs
Stephen Nover

There are three things Peyton Manning does better than anyone else – break passing records, lose to the Florida Gators and get humbled by the New England Patriots.

No the Colts’ 20-3 loss to the Patriots this past Sunday doesn’t erase Manning’s record 49 touchdown passes and highest quarterback rating ever he set during the regular season. He was clearly and correctly chosen as the NFL’s Most Valuable Player.

But the defeat, coming the way it did, does open up criticism again that Manning can’t win big games. Is this criticism justified? I’ll put it to you this way; I was part of the entire Western Civilization who bet the Colts against the Patriots. So Manning can expect no sympathy from this corner.

I’m sick of hearing and reading all the time about the Mannings and how they are such NFL royalty. Archie Manning played in the NFL from 1971-1984 missing the ’76 season due to injury. His record was 59-152-3, playing 11 of those 14 years for a horrendous Saints team. He never had a winning season.

Eli Manning went 1-6 in seven starts with a Giants squad that was 5-4 in games started by Kurt Warner. So far the most Eli has accomplished in the NFL is to come across as a spoiled child by forcing a trade from the Chargers, who drafted him first overall, to the Giants.

Back to Peyton Manning. He set 42 school records at Tennessee. The Vols were 32-5 during Manning’s sophomore, junior and senior seasons. In all three of those years, though, Tennessee lost to Florida. The following year after Manning left, Tennessee went 13-0 and won the first ever Bowl Championship Series in 1998.

Sure, you can blame the Tennessee defense for those losses to the Gators. You can say why just pick on Peyton for the Patriots’ loss when Edgerrin James rushed for 39 yards and none of the fabulous Indy receivers could break 70 yards. Certainly Tony Dungy and the entire offensive game planning should be faulted, too.

Manning, however, is the conductor. He’s the fulcrum. Everything turns on him. From the very first series when the Colts went three and out you could tell this was going to be a long day for the Colts. Manning’s confidence already seemed shot. Truly great quarterbacks win no matter what the conditions are. These Colts were playoff-tested, had an offense that piled up the fifth-most points in NFL history, had the NFL’s best pass rusher and were catching the Patriots without their starting cornerbacks and star defensive tackle Richard Seymour.

So how does Manning react? He has his worst performance of the season. In the AFC title game last year at Foxboro Manning threw four interceptions. In this one he has no touchdown passes and a quarterback rating of 69.3. During the regular season his rating was 121.3. In his four previous games against the Patriots, and their wily coach, Bill Belichick, Manning has five touchdown passes and 12 interceptions. He is 0-7 against the Patriots at Foxboro. Manning has a 94.4 passer rating against the rest of the NFL, and a 73.8 quarterback rating against Belichick’s Patriots.

Indoors at home Manning is untouchable. But get Manning outdoors in a playoff game against a team other than the Denver Broncos and he’s Patrick Ramsey. If you don’t count the Colts two first-round playoff victories against the Broncos, Manning is 1-5 in the post-season. In these five defeats, which occurred against the Titans, Jets, Dolphins, and twice at the Patriots, Manning has thrown two touchdown passes and seven interceptions. His quarterback rating is 55.6. The most yards he has thrown for is 238. The Colts have lost by an average of 15.4 points.

So it’s not just Belichick that’s had Manning’s number. Yes, Manning has never had the luxury of having a good defense. But he’s in a perfect situation on offense, playing behind the top pass protection unit, being indoors on a fast track and having a tremendous running back and wide receivers. The bottom line is even with all those weapons, Manning has never put up more than 24 points in a playoff game.

The Colts’ 29th ranked defense held the Patriots to under 21 points. The Colts had averaged 33.5 points in their previous 17 games. They scored a lousy three points against a Patriots defense missing their two best defenders, Ty Law and Seymour. I don’t want to hear about the weather. This time there’s no excuse or defending Peyton Manning. Take him for your fantasy team, but stay away from him when it comes to a road playoff game.

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If we were down by 6 points.....

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If we were down by 6 points.....

Daunte Culpepper. He\'s durable in the pocket (won\'t fumble when hit with the slightest breeze), has a good arm on the run and makes good decisions on running the ball (and intimidates linebackers). If it\'s the Saint\'s current O-line, then he\'d be the man.
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If we were down by 6 points.....

Brady....all day......
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If we were down by 6 points.....

I like how Gumbo doesn\'t pick a QB, but blasts Peyton Manning instead. I wonder how many people IN THE WORLD would take Peyton over AB. I\'d say about 99.99%. :P
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