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Rank Our Problems and Discussion

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; The only thing fans haven\'t done is stop buying tickets. But they aren\'t stupid. Stop buying tickets and the Saints will be headed elsewhere. Buying tickets does not equate to being satisfied with 8-8. maybe so..maybe so..but as long as ...

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Rank Our Problems and Discussion

The only thing fans haven\'t done is stop buying tickets. But they aren\'t stupid. Stop buying tickets and the Saints will be headed elsewhere. Buying tickets does not equate to being satisfied with 8-8.
maybe so..maybe so..but as long as we are buying tickets--benson is making money..it\'s like the clippers in the nba.
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Rank Our Problems and Discussion

sd, I hear ya bud. I agree that we need another DB. I\'m just not sure we need two. I\'m actually starting to lean toward a SS.

It just seemed to me that an OT and a LB were certainly more important to the success of a team than a SS. I do like your Harrison example though.

Danno, nice work as always. I guess, you and I agree on the value of an OLB over a MLB. Nicely argued from cases as well.

I note though that you don\'t think we need any real work on our LT. Here are three quick thoughts on that:
(1) Even if Gandy can hold up next year, he is middling at best. He won\'t make it two more seasons - this would reduce our window to next year.
(2) Gandy has a large cap number that we could eliminate.
(3) There are a number of quality LTs available in FA this year, so we could get a new, younger one for slightly less than we will be able to after next season.

I also see we disagree on Tebucky, since you list that as an area of need. I would have said SS first, since Bellamy is aging.

I should have stated SS..but i just put S...Bellamy is the weaker of the 2 safeties..and Mitchell isn\'t going to be the guy we need to fill the spot...Plus..another CB is a real plus in the mix...Just by adding one good one last year...we , after about a month of playing, really showed a ton of improvement..another Safety..and a solid Cb..and we have a Defense again...

LT...what I would like to see..is just to get either a LT or a RT this year...preferrably a LT , and not some project player..someone who can start....

but for so many to say...we need a rookie, or a young LT , and teach him, and give him a few years..blah blah..we allready have that guy..Stinchcomb...he has been around for a few years now...and it\'s time to start getting some production out of him now...who\'s to say he won\'t be good?...we really don\'t know...I do think though..that he would have several advantages over any rookie we could possibly get...and he likely will be a front runner to start at one of the tackle positions this year...

Haslett , generally, doesn\'t get too fancy when it comes to roster filling...he has a straight forward approach...and just doesn\'t have that out of the box frame of mind that a Gruden, or Belichick has...

I also have to question Haslett\'s ability to teach..and maintain players level of skill...or even to evaluate talent on any position..coaching staff included...

So..I\'m really unsure that any players we get will help all that much...

Although..we did get a new talent scout...All I can do is hope that somehow..Haslett does this team right..and gets at least the obvious problems we have...fixed.

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Rank Our Problems and Discussion

I\'d really like to see two new tackles through FA this year, but LT is much more important so I could live with just one there. We have two options otherwise at RT.

1. Gandy at a lesser pay. He\'s really slow nowadays so I\'m not sure if this would be a good fit for him.

2. Stinchcomb at RT. IF he is being groomed for LT, there is nothing wrong with getting him some live action expereince at RT. We did it with Roaf and it worked fine.

I feel alot better about CB this year. I don\'t know whether it\'s because I think we\'re good there (which can\'t be it) or we just look so much better there now than we have (most likely).

Ambrose should be shown the door and thomas left for nickel back only at best. This would require a big pay cut. He played above his head for so long I thought he was good, but he got his money and disappeared last season. I\'m not looking for a shutdown CB, but someone who can push Brown or Craft for the starting spot. That\'ll at minimum give us some depth. A promising rookie would be really nice here.

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