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SaintStoneyMount 01-18-2003 12:19 AM

Saints Defense
I hope so. we need to pick it up on defense. Dam I hate that we lost like that. we need a top shelf MLB and another shut down corner to play opposite Dale if he can stay on the wagon and off the operating table. Sorry Norman but we need a solid Defensive tackle.

WhoDat 01-18-2003 12:29 PM

Saints Defense
Gator, NO WAY. We had some damn good defenses, but never one of the best in NFL history. Not really even close. We may have had one of the 10 best front 7 units in NFL history with Wilks, Warren, Martin, Swilling, Mills, Johnson, and Jackson. In whichever season it was when all four of our LBs made the Pro Bowl we may have had one of the three or four best linebacker corps ever. But NEVER one of the best overall defenses.

Our secondary was alway bad back then. Maxie, Massey, Cook, etc. were plain bad. We had a couple of great safeties with Waymer and Atkins, but neither stayed very long. Those defenses, much like every other Saints defense ever, gave up big plays in the passing game. Always, always, always.

All time great defenses, like the Ravens of a few years ago, won games by themselves. It didn\'t matter what the offense did b/c they only gave up field goals. Our offense back then with guys like Mayes, Hillard, Iron Head, Hebert, Martin, Perrimen, Hill, and Brenner had enough to score some points... not to mention Mort. When it mattered, in the big games, our defense usually gave up big plays and almost always folded during two minute drills. They were very very good, don\'t get me wrong, but not one of the best in NFL history. Not compared to \"the purple people eaters,\" \"the steel curtain,\" Buddy Ryan\'s 46-D with the \'85 bears, or even the Bucs\' D for the last 3 years. We were never that good.

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