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Observations After Texans Game

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; We made Brian Hoyer look like Otto Graham. Ryan Whoever smoked us too! Imagine how much our Defense is going to suck vs. actual Starting NFL QB's....

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Re: Observations After Texans Game

We made Brian Hoyer look like Otto Graham.
Ryan Whoever smoked us too!

Imagine how much our Defense is going to suck vs. actual Starting NFL QB's.
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Re: Observations After Texans Game

Originally Posted by spkb25 View Post
... The simple fact is we did not use yesterday as a means to gauge our first team. Most of the first team, both sides, did not play much ...
I tuned in after kick-off assuming "the third preseason game is the closest to a regular season game" and thought the same thing, SP must have some more evaluating to do. Kind of wanted to see Brees' mechanics, McCown was already in, so I watched sparingly, #shrug.

Willie Snead stood out, as did Kikaha (that guy's gonna' be problems for opposing teams), don't recall reading too much about Hightower on this board & he seemed to be getting a fair amount of work, and McCown seemed to be looking for Coleman a lot.

McCown doesn't look comfortable out there, JMO. Grayson does. Must of dozed off when Griffin was in there.

Sometimes the push was there for the d-line, sometimes not, but the main thing I thought about the defense was they looked a little more cohesive than last season. O-line looked good, IMO ... young, a few missed assignments/adjustments, but promising. I liked Kelemete's effort/presence, him & Peat are gonna' be good O/L.

It'll be enough to beat the Lions in the Dome, in December, #sigh.
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Re: Observations After Texans Game

Bobby said w/ a straight face we'll be doing a "great accomplishment" to win 10 games.
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Re: Observations After Texans Game

I hope we can put up 30 every game this year...
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Re: Observations After Texans Game

If the penalties don't stop we will lose 3 games we could have won.

Poor coaching/personnel choices.
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Re: Observations After Texans Game

Originally Posted by K Major View Post
The good ...

Murphy - really good vision and burst, will be a game breaker.
Snead - soft hands, ran good routes today and can block.
Kikaha - he is starting to build momentum with his technique & rush.
Our offense will be good again as long as Brees has time in the pocket.
Swann - his confidence is building every game. I have him as #4 corner on the depth chart.

The bad ...

Lack of a consistent pass rush.
Getting off the field on 3rd down is still a problem.

I'm still waiting for Breaux to showcase his talents in actual games and not just practice & shorts. Side note on the cornerback play ... Kyle Wilson could be in the first wave of cuts. A couple of holding calls & gave up a TD today. Not good.

Brandon Coleman - I know he is still developing but he needs to use his size to his advantage.
Jenkins - he is too big to be so soft.
McCown - he was bad and his time is about up.

Lastly I'm not worried about Stephone Anthony ... young, inexperienced yet extremely talented. He'll get a lot better as the season progresses.
Spot on - couldnt agree more on your assessments. Brandon Coleman especially is a big disappointment. I was hoping he'd become our next Colston. The guy's big, but that's about it. Unreliaboe hands, and he moves his body slowly (i.e. turns slowly. Jumps slowly etc).

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Re: Observations After Texans Game

I think a lot of people tend to read too much into these pre-season games. They are pretty meaningless for the most part, basically a way for the rookies etc to learn the ropes and show what they can do to the coaches.

I'm based in the UK so I can only watch the game on the NFL game pass set up but I have to say it does surprise me to see how many people actually go to the pre-season games!! Still a good day out for the family I guess!

You are not going to see hardly any starters play as the coaches are worried about injuries and one of the comments on NFL.com was "The only thing you needed to take to this particular Saints game was a pillow" Sort of sums it up really!

I think we will be ok once the regular season starts as long as we keep penalties to a minimum and stay injury free and play with good intensity.

Drew deserves another crack at the playoffs and I hope we can get there this season as he, IMO probably only has a few seasons left in the NFL.

Things that need to be fixed are PENALTIES! . . . . POOR TACKLING, AGAIN! . . . . . PASS RUSH!!!
Those are obviously defence related.

Offence wise its hard to comment as not a lot of the starters are on the field for long.
I'm not that impressed with McCown.
Hightower looked better and Murphy and Snead looked excellent! Watch this space!!

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Re: Observations After Texans Game

Marcus Murphy looks like he could be awesome for us.

I know not to read too much into preseason but he's almost making the CJ Spiller signing look like a waste of money, obviously that depends on how CJ looks when healthy.

Still Murphy looks dangerous anytime he touches the ball and impressed me by running North and South when given carries at RB.

Glad SP is so high on him.
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Re: Observations After Texans Game

Soooo many penalties it gave me a headache. The Raiders/Cardinals game was full of them too so maybe the refs were just calling the third preseason game very tight but still....not going to get very far with too much of that happening.
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Re: Observations After Texans Game

Originally Posted by NOLA54 View Post
This was the only game I was able to see. Three games into the preseason and I am doubting we will be better than last year. I hate to see Drew playout the remainder of his career without making the playoffs. We will be lucky to win 1 of our first 5 games. I hope I am so wrong!
I'm interested in what you are using to make your assessment. This wasn't close to a standard "dress rehearsal" 3rd preseason game. The first team offense played one series in which they marched the ball straight down the field in a 6 minute drive. The defense doesn't have anywhere close to the starting secondary playing. While the two plays that Hopkins made over Lewis may be some cause for concern, at least at the beginning of the season there's no worries that folks like SJB and Swann will be starting in the defensive backfield.

By the end of the week, half of the players that played in the game will be on the street.

I don't think there will be a true assessment of where the Saints are until the end of the first quarter of the season.

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