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saintz08 07-31-2002 12:40 AM

Brooks Contract
Lets try to place Brooks in a potential Salary Cap scenario .Lets use cap figures based upon the top quarterbacks in the league salary wise .
Here is how we do it : post the number of the quarterback Brooks is better then of the 10 quarterbacks listed . Then we use their salary as a base . Try to remember in placement , leadership , experience , potential and past performance .

1. Mark Brunell
2. Peyton Manning
3. Jake Plummer
4. Drew Bledsoe
5. Kordell Stewart
6. Steve McNair
7. Brett Favre
8. Rich Gannnon
9. Kerry Collins
10. Rob Johnson

Then we should be able to base line his potential contract .

buzwa 07-31-2002 08:48 AM

Brooks Contract
He is obviously better than Rob Johnson and Kerry Collins. Now as far as future potential he probably beats out about 7 of those guys. But he lacks the maturity to be a great leader right now. Over all right now he probably ranks about 6th, beating out Rob Johnson, Kerry Collins, Jake Plummer, and Mark Brunell. If I was a GM though, I\'d rather him than any one of those guys except McNair, Manning and Favre. Thats my opinion...

wcassady 07-31-2002 11:01 PM

Brooks Contract
I agree for the most part, although I would take Brooks over McNairand would put Brunell on the list. I think that Brunell is still one of the best, he has just not had any consistency around him in the past few years - a change of scenery is probably what he needs. But you\'re right, as far as talent and leadership go, I don\'t think there\'s anyone in the league better than Manning and Favre.

saintz08 08-01-2002 12:57 AM

Brooks Contract
Well it seems to be somewhere in the 6th place position, so based upon that and the general cap index of signing bonus and season salary .

6 Million per season .

At 2 million under cap currently , who gets the axe ????

4 - 1 million players or 2 - 2 million players

Anyway you look at it , it is going to be tough . Is he worth cutting someone like Turley , or Horn ?? Will losing players of the million range affect his play as a quarterback ??? Will he be as effective with lesser players around him ??? If you cut a leader can he step in and command ???

Wonder why he was not offered a large contract in the off season , the answer may be 7 and 9 last season .

Do you hand a 12 million signing bonus to a quarterback who has not proven he is better than Rob Johnson , Scott Mitchell or Ty Detmer in the catagory of 1 season wonders ???

saintz08 08-01-2002 01:25 AM

Brooks Contract
Now the funny part is , I just read that Brooks wants Griese\'s contract .

That 9 million cap hit roughly per season , remember they usually backload it .

Peyton is at $ 8,485,333 per season . That would put Brooks in the top 10 of N.F.L. quarterbacks . With the talent surrounding him , you really have to wonder .

whodatsaintsfan26 08-02-2002 09:34 PM

Brooks Contract
I agree that this is a make it or break it year for Brooks. If he is successful this year pay him. If he is not and his contract demands dont go down then you probably have to cut your loses. I would hate to see Aaron go. He is still young and there is talent there. If the contract demands are fair I would like to see Aaron stay. If we have to mortgage the future thanks for the playoff victory and good luck to you Aaron.

saintz08 08-03-2002 01:44 AM

Brooks Contract
Here is my take on it which is going to draw some fire but , Brooks does not take me as a west coast quarterback . He is more of a quarterback that would be better suited for an I formation power offense , like Tampa .

West coast offense is a precision route , timed offense . Based on slants , outs and posts .The quarterback is using timing and ball touch to take advantage of soft spots in a defensive scheme . Most of the time the quarterback knows where he is going when he reaches the line of scrimmage .The receiver is trained to be at an exact spot at a precise time to catch the ball .

Brooks waits for a receiver to get open and throws a dart . His check offs are extremely slow , and he needs a larger spread between the defender and the receiver .What I assume is Defensive coordinators in the league figured this out about Brooks and knew to contain the perimeter , to stop his roll outs and runs . Brooks uses his roll outs to create havoc in the defensive line up and increase his chances of a receiver getting separation . This may patially explain why the collapse late in the year last year .

Another theory may be that Brooks now knows this , and see\'s a need to get a big contract now before he proves it to the world and lowers his value . If Brooks was convinced he was the next Elway or Marino he would have no problem in finishing out his contract , his value would be higher and his contract bigger . Consider Brady in New England , he knows what he can do and has no problems in waiting , his value is only going up . Brooks on the other hand wants the contract now before the season begins and is willing to hold out to get it .

Rumor has it , Brooks could hold out again before the regular season if he does not get a new contract , that he is only in camp to get the new contract .

Time will tell .

Cassady37 08-03-2002 10:28 AM

Brooks Contract
I think Brooks will be a good quarterback and he deserves the money that goes along with getting to the playoffs. Let\'s face it, and God knows I\'m the biggest Saints fan you\'ll find, but not many players are beating the door down to play in New Orleans. Look how much more money the Saints made as an organization making to the second round of the playoffs, tickets and merchandise sales went through the roof. Of all the quarterbacks that have gone through New Orleans, he looks to have all the weapons needed to make it to the next level. He has the talent, I don\'t think anyone can argue that, I think he just needs the reps and the tutoring to round out his ability. And of all the positions in pro football the Q.B. spot brings the most responsibility and being the two-edged sword that it is it also brings the most blame. Even though 10 other players on offense and the coaching staff playy an equal part in the collapse of any scheme. I think if we sign him, give him the chance, put the pieces in around him he will soar. Chemistry is the main thing, ala Emmitt Smith without Troy or Michael, Barry Sanders without anyone, Rams without Faulk or Warner,if theses teams, along with a lot of others, miss any ONE of their key players they struggle to be .500 . So after the fiasco of last year with N.O. it\'s no wonder they struggled. I think the future is bright and things are going to go our way! GEAUX SAINTS!

saintz08 08-03-2002 12:25 PM

Brooks Contract
It is either going to be the quarterback or the system in New Orleans .

Consider the success in San Francisco with Quarterbacks . Walsh picks the Qb based upon the system , that is why other teams do not have the same success with x 49er Qb\'s . Garcia in any other system would be dead meat .

The whole playbook is going to have to be adjusted to fit Brooks style or the offense will stall . New systems and new players sometimes catch opposing coodinators off guard , consider the run and shoot offense , the Bear defense , they worked for a while but opposing coodinators slowly shut them down . Brooks style was new and it caught coordinators off guard , it looks like they have it figured out now .

His recent comments , are making him a target in the N.F.L. . His attacks on Fiedler and Griese are show casing his immaturity . The rough guess is that he wants a 5 year 60 million dollar contract including his bonus .

If his mouth continues to run , he may not live through an entire N.F.L. season.

[Edited on 3/8/2002 by saintz08]

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